Top 5 ideas for zero investment business with almost zero skills!


Zero investment business! It sounds great for beginners and the people who don’t have any kind of expertise. If you one of them then this article is only for you!

Well, we all know the ethics of business is more than just making money but in this article, I’m going explain the top 5 ideas to start a business that doesn’t require any investment, skills or any principle to follow.

5 Tips For Zero Investment Business

1) Flyer Distribution: – Flyer distribution is one of the zero investment business models that don’t take any money or skills. All you have to do just go to the different company like a restaurant, coffee shops, pizza points, clothes shops, etc in your city and tell them that you can distribute their products or services flyers to the public. That’s it, you will distribute and they will give you money. If you want to be an expert on flyer distribution then read this Article!

zero investment business

2) SMS Marketing: – SMS marketing is not a zero investment business! Although there is a lot of free software and website which offers free SMS but, it has a limitation. You need at least $50 investment to run this business. All you have to do, collecting mobile numbers and putting those numbers on the software/website write an offer about your SMS marketing services and send them, that’s it! They will contact you to promote their service/products and you will do the same thing that you did for yourself. To learn how to do SMS marketing basic to advance click here!

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3) Business Listings: – Business listing is an absolutely zero investment business. The entire requirement is only a computer/laptop and internet connection and I hope already you have! It is the most powerful on-demand business model for the beginner. You can run this business internationally means your customers will be worldwide. But don’t worry about the payment! You can join different freelancing platform to accept payment and for the clients as well. Find the best techniques of business listings and learn how to start a business listing zero investment business as a freelancer!

zero investment business

4) Online Promotions: – Online promotion of any product or services is again a model of zero investment business. But remember you can also promote anything in a paid method which is a more effective and time-consuming process. Here I’m talking about the free method of classified promotions. There are hundreds of thousands of free classified sites on the internet where you can promote anything. All you have to do, offer your client via classified ads, mobile SMS, email or by joining any freelancing platform. Take orders from clients and post their offer on different classified sites. You can also promote their offer on Facebook by joining different classified groups.

zero investment business

5) Content Marketing:-  Content marketing needs some skills but not require any investment. It is almost zero investment business. All you need is proper English reading and writing skills. If you already have, then just go to different platforms and write what you love. Here I can suggest some profitable niche that can help you to build your business. If you can write the articles related to the topics of finance, fashion, modeling, cooking, beauty, etc then you can make unlimited money through affiliate marketing. Means you have to affiliate with any company and promote their products or services through your content/articles.

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