5 Top Reasons to Choose Web Apps for Startup


Now, bear in mind, there are millions of app in the app store. Many get uploaded daily. So, if you are thinking of making an app as a startup, then try a more convenient way. In contrast, test it before you move ahead. In other words, make a web app than a mobile app. More importantly, it comes in handy. Not to mention, it’ll be a perfect way to start your journey.

Considering web apps are highly cost-effective and can carry out similar functionality as an actual mobile app. Despite this, a web app can run on numerous platforms such as smartphones, computers, tablets, etc., unlike mobile apps.

However, web apps can be accessed via browser from any device. So you don’t have to download and install it on your devices, which will indeed take up some of your phone storage. In this case, many would prefer web apps to mobile apps.

Bear with me; this article will introduce you top 5 reasons why a web app is a better choice. Instead, you can also consult an app developer in California about your startup process. As app development in California is taking tangible steps in designing web apps.

1 – Discoverability

Do you know web apps are more discoverable than mobile apps?If you don’t, then now you know. Many prefer to search on search engines such as Google or Bing for their required info. For instance, to illustrate what I mean, no one searches in the app store for theirneeded information but on search engines that direct them to related apps. Therefore, having a web app can make  Website of your app more discoverable to people. With that being said, according to reports, approximately 39.2 billion searches happen on Google every week. Whereas 500 million searches on App Store per week.

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It’s worth noting that apps are not even close to overtaking web apps on search queries. However, the statistics are very staggering. You must know more people are active on web apps than mobile apps. As a result, most downloads of apps come from direct searches from the web or external referrals.

Let’s create a scenario of how most apps are downloaded. I like Italian food. So, I search on Google, “best Italian food to eat.” After that, Google will list websites that have info about Italian foods. Eventually, I am scowling down the website looking at these fantastic Italian foods, and then suddenly, I notice a prompt to download their app. From there, I might tap the link to download their app or NOT. Now, most apps have similar scenarios to be downloaded. But, at the exact moment, most people will ignore it, just like me.

Moreover, when you create a first-class dynamic web app, you won’t need a mobile app for that.

2 – Affordability

Web apps are more cost-effective than native mobile apps. Not to mentions, iOS and Android have different native functionality. So when you consider making a mobile app, be sure to know you’ll be spending a lot of money. However, web apps are more affordable than mobile apps.

Moreover, a cross-platform such as React Native will assist you in making hybrid apps. But then again, more time is needed for the real-time coding and publishing of native apps than web apps.

Nevertheless, in the early stages of your Startup, you should not worry about the available screen space. But make sure to ensure the specific functionality of the web app. In later times you can update gradually. In other words, your web app must fulfill its very role from different standpoints.

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What is more, the energy to design, program, and optimize screen pages for mobile apps is more time-taking for a development team than the web, While responsive web design has become an industry standard with numerous resources, libraries, and answers accessible online to help you with this.

3 – Accessibility

You can access web apps on any device. It’s similar to discoverability. Moreover, it’s a phenomenal advantage that allows any individual on any type of device connected with the internet able to find and access your web app. Isn’t that amazing about web apps? While on the other side, mobile apps are restricted to only some specific model or device.

However, on the web app, you need not worry about ‘not having enough storage.’ And not to worry whether people are prepared to download your app. Because someone can discover your website online, just a tap away, and they’re in.

Moreover, in technological evolution, users are constantly looking for more easy and suitable online boundaries. At this stage, you can take part in implementing Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWA benefits include quick browsing, more efficient site navigation, and an understandable interface that is much better than websites. On top of that, Progressive Web Apps can be assessable through the user’s home screen, among other apps. Moreover, you don’t have to search online on the search engine. Furthermore, it has an offline functionality feature, meaning you can access it while being offline.

4 – Avoid Developer Fees

Above all, the publishing process in the Apple store would cost you $99 yearly, and $25 for the Google Play Store-which may get daunting. Or you can develop a web app instead and avoid these fees altogether. Moreover, you can use Stripe as an intuitive payment processing platform because Stripe has better security protocols, tools, and resources, streamlined integration methods. In fact, from a legal and data security standpoint, that you should not keep your customer credits information on file anywhere; instead, use Stripe to handle it!

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5 – Easy to Update

Web apps are comparatively easier to update than mobile apps. Moreover, you can push the changes live to the current web app, but this is not the case for mobile apps. For mobile apps, the updating process is very unwieldy. You’ll need to update the mobile app then upload a build to the app store connect and the google play console. Then test the alpha, beta versions precisely. Finally, now you can submit your update.


To sum up, there is no misgiving that mobile apps effectively build a brand and awareness. But on the other side, it’s also essential to know that if you want your initial idea to be more discoverable in a cost-effective way, then web apps are a more convenient way to do that. Lastly, web apps are more discoverable, affordable, accessible, and easy to update.

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