Top Tourist Attractions and Things To Do In Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is South America’s most visited city, and for good reason. The city, which is over 400 years old, is known for its vibrant cultural life and European-influenced architecture. The tango, a sensual dance, was created in Argentina, and Buenos Aires is a great spot to learn how to do it or watch it perform flawlessly. Argentina, the nation of tango and excellent wine, is elegant with a dash of spice—and Buenos Aires, the metropolis, is its crown gem. 

Buenos Aires, a city steeped in gorgeous architecture and culture and home to over 2.8 million people, is full of fascinating places to visit. Buenos Aires reflects the whole essence of Argentina, being both elegant and always bustling. Buenos Aires, the second-largest city in South America, serves as Argentina’s political, economic, and cultural center, as well as a gateway to the rest of the country. 

With many beautiful corners intermingled with attractive 19th-century buildings. Palermo, La Recoleta, and Belgrano are among the most popular, with their wide boulevards flanked with opulent palaces, luxury high-rises, and big parks. Known for surely some of the most visited tourist locations. In short, it is a complete package destination. Planning to go somewhere this vacation? Get packed, book aeromexico airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every flight till the last minute. Here are some of the famous Attractions of Buenos Aires that will let you enjoy the finest experiences.

Teatro Colon

The Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, which opened in 1908 with a performance of Verdi’s “Ada,” was designed by a succession of architects, which may explain the structure’s eclectic aesthetic. Until the opening of the Sydney Opera House in 1973, the Teatro Colón was the world’s largest opera house, with approximately 2,500 seats and standing room for 1,000 people. It is still one of Buenos Aires’ most popular tourist attractions.

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El Obelisco

El Obelisco is a popular tourist attraction that towers over the city at 68 meters (223 feet). It was built in 1936 to commemorate the city’s 400th anniversary of founding, naming it the national capital and the site where the Argentine flag was first flown. The flag was first flown in 1812 at the St. Nicholas de Bari church, which was dismantled to make way for the obelisk. Where 9 de Julio Avenue meets Corrientes Avenue, it soars majestically into the sky. 


Caminito, which means “small street” in Spanish, wasn’t always a street. It used to be a creek, but after the water ran out, train tracks were built on the dry bed. It became a landfill once the tracks were removed. It is now regarded as one of Buenos Aires’ most vibrant avenues. The street, which is located in the La Boca district, is a fantastic sight to see painters at work and see their finished creations.

Puerto Madero

Buenos Aires’ major port, Puerto Madero, served until the late 19th century when larger cargo ships rendered it obsolete. The port had fallen into disrepair until 1989 when it was decided to renovate the aged warehouses into something grander: apartments, restaurants, shops, and other businesses. All of the streets in the district were named after women to give the project some personality. A stroll through Puerto Madero is a wonderful way to spend a day.

The Colon Theater

The Colón Theater (Teatro Colón), a world-class opera, ballet, and classical music venue that opened in 1908 and has hosted the likes of Callas, Toscanini, Stravinsky, Caruso, and Pavarotti, is perhaps the most well-known. Guided tours of the theatre, which is known for having some of the best acoustics in the world, offer a fascinating look into the building’s inner workings, from set construction to costume design (even wig-making). 

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Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza is surrounded by several notable landmarks, including the Cabildo, which served as the municipal council during the colonial era. The May Pyramid, Buenos Aires’ oldest national monument, is located in the heart of the Plaza de Mayo. The Plaza de Mayo is also the location where the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have gathered with signs and photographs of Desaparecidos, their children who were abducted by the military dictatorship in the 1970s.


There are many reasons why to visit Buenos Aires. Read through this list of the best tourist attractions and things to do in Buenos Aires to learn more about these and other locations to visit in the Argentinian metropolis. Are you already looking for the packages for Argentina? No worries, plan your trip with AirlinesMap and check out all the Argentina Packages that will take you to your dream destination!

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