The History of Cardboard Packaging


One of the most popular packaging materials that you can find is cardboard. It is versatile in nature and can be customized according to the clients wishes. Therefore a perfect box is able to be made to package products in. You can get it to be customized according to the shape, size, strength, etc. of your choice. The material has advanced with the help of technology. Cardboard packaging is one of the most chosen options by many businesses.

Read on to learn more about the history of cardboard boxes:

When was it invented?

The cardboard box claims to have been invented in 1817. This was in England. At this time the box consisted of simple paperboard. It was not the corrugated cardboard box design, but was a box.

It was Kellogg Cereals who helped in popularizing this box within the mid-1800s. After this many incarnations occurred of the box allowing it to become the amazing cardboard boxes for sale that you can find today.

Material present for packaging before cardboard boxes

Before cardboard packaging was developed, wooden crates were the main means for transporting materials. This was before the cardboard box got invented.

The wooden crate was really costly and still is. They are also tough to manufacture on a large scale. It was costly for businesses to get these.

Now one can find reasonable priced cardboard boxes for sale that are able to keep products safe and also advertise them in a store. These are able to transport items effectively as well.

Evolution of the cardboard box

In 1856 corrugated paper got patented. It was employed like a liner within hats during its first existence.

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In 1871 the corrugated cardboard box was seen to ship and handle materials.

After only three years did the first machine create huge quantities of corrugated board. This is when the corrugated cardboard box that we are familiar with was seen. Now, when you want to look for where to buy cardboard boxes, you can get those that are available in different strengths, being perfect for your merchandise.

By 1895, the corrugated cardboard boxes started being manufactured in America. Now wherever you are, you can search and probably find “cardboard boxes for sale near me”.

As said above corrugated paper got invented in England in 1856. In 1871 corrugated boxboard got patented and was utilized as a shipping material. This patent got issued to Albert Jones who was of New York City. The patent was for single-sided corrugated board.

Jones employed the corrugated board to wrap bottles as well as glass lantern chimneys before using it for transportation purposes.

Nowadays you can find many cardboard boxes for sale near me that are of the right strength. The first machine that manufactured huge quantities of corrugated board got built by G. Smyth. This was in 1874. In this year Oliver Long improved this design. He invented corrugated board that had liner sheets upon both sides.

This is said to be the forerunner of corrugated cardboard which we are familiar with today. By early 1900s the wooden crates as well as boxes were being replaced by the cost-effective corrugated paper shipping cartons. Cardboard packaging tended to be lighter and more simple to handle. This is why it became popular.

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Cardboard boxes in France

In France the history of these boxes is even longer. It has been claimed that these boxes were used here since 1840. This was for transporting Bombyx mori moth as well as its eggs. They were transported from Japan going to Europe. This was done by silk manufacturers.

For more than a century the production of cardboard boxes was a huge industry here. One can now easily look up where to buy cardboard boxes and get the best ones for their needs.

The cardboard box design has evolved as well allowing people to create it according to the requirements of their merchandise.

Popularity of the material

Today it is possible to easily find cardboard boxes for sale. It does not matter if you need the boxes to store stuff when moving homes, or for building some fort for kids, or for packaging products in, you can get the best box for your needs.

When looking for where to buy cardboard boxes, you may see that there are many options available. You should choose from a supplier who will give you good-quality stuff.

It is possible to get cardboard boxes in any size of your choice. The size of packaging matters because it helps ensure the safety of the items within. You can find a huge cardboard box design that will be able to package a large plasma TV for instance.

There are many different style boxes available as well.

A window box is for those who have products that are more likely to be brought after they have been seen. Consumers are more confident to buy the item when they have seen it for themselves. Pillow boxes have an attractive design and are shaped like a pillow. Jewelry, party favors, etc. can be put in them. You can get a gable box that has a handle making it simple to hold.

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Printing options have also advanced significantly allowing it to be easy to print on the boxes. When searching for “cardboard boxes for sale near me”, it is better to look for a supplier who can help you create a unique design.

From the above you can see that cardboard packing has indeed been able to advance much. The boxes that are found nowadays are those that are sturdy. You can get them in the strength that will be the best for what you are selling. The boxes are also able to be designed in a unique way so that they stand out in front of the competition. A brand can get the most perfect material that is best suited to their product.

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