The 5 best ways to get freelance jobs


Honestly speaking, getting freelance jobs is a kind of a child play if you go through the right path. I saw a lot of people confusing themselves when they start the first time freelancing.

At first, they think the freelance jobs will knock their door while they sleeping on the bed and in the end, they realize that they don’t even get a single project in a month.

Freelancing is not like creating a profile on a freelancing platform and leaving it for rest. You will have to fight to get freelance jobs. It doesn’t mean that fighting to get freelance jobs is struggling for a lifetime.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

In this article, you are going to learn the 5 most effective and best ways to get freelance jobs, so that it will be a child play for you to get freelance jobs.

  1. Creating a Personal Brand:

    Freelancing growth depends on trust. People hire people when they feel confident about that hire-able person, and as we know confidence comes from trust. 

    So, build trust by creating your personal brand. Share your expertise everywhere and let the people recognize you. 

    You can create a Facebook fan page, twitter account, YouTube channel to influence others by your skills. Focus on only your brand awareness while running the campaign. Never ask to be hired. It will damage your image.

    When people starting getting to know you, your chances will increase to get hired.

  2. Tie up with your local clients:

    Going to your local clients one by one may make you feel awkward but don’t worry just go and offer your pitches. 

    Now the question is, how will you find them? 


    Join different business communities, attend different events, participate in different activities, and announce there your best skills.

  3. Collaborating with others:

    Collaboration is a great option for freelancers to get freelance jobs. Meet freelancers who do SEO as a service and build a relationship with them. 

    Offer them that you are willing to write guest posts for them in order to get links back to your freelancing profile. 

    They will get free content and you will get free targeted clients.

  4. Empowering LinkedIn profile:

    LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. I highly recommend you to join this lucrative platform to leverage your potential clients. 

    Getting freelance jobs from LinkedIn is super easy because all your connections over there are highly professionals. 

    Professional persons neither waste their time nor others by annoying them.

    All you need to have in-depth knowledge about what you do. Create stunning images with your industry quotes and publish them on your profile regularly.

    Add at least 10 professionals daily in your connection and always be a part of their events like wish their birthdays, congratulate them on their recent achievements, appreciate them on what they do.

    When they find you active, they will think before hiring rather than you.

  5. Leveraging the Facebook audience:

    Today’s trending social media platform is Facebook. It is a platform where all kinds of people available. 

    You can find your potential clients there, not because of a large audience but it’s exceptional features.

    Although it has strict user policy, you can still leverage it.

    There may be hundreds of thousands of niche groups are already created. Join different groups related to your category and be active there regularly. 

    Ask related questions there and answer different questions asked by the other members.

    Build a strong relationship with other members and try to help them out from their problems. 

    Never put your freelancing profile link again and again on Facebook to get freelance jobs. Otherwise, Facebook will ban you soon. 

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