Find Out The Requirements & Ways To Apply For Student Visa 500


Are you planning to study in Australia and build a career there? It’s indeed a great decision. Only what you need is a student visa that will allow you to study and stay in Australia for a certain period and get other benefits.

Most of the international students apply for Student Visa Subclass 500, which you can apply online. This visa will allow you to stay for a maximum period of five years, covering the general duration of a higher degree course.

What are the key requirements to get a student visa in Australia?

There are different subclasses of Australian student visas, and most of the requirements are subclass-specific. But, in general, the requirements are as follows:

1. Genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement: You must show genuine reasons for choosing Australia as your study destination.

The Department of Home Affairs will examine different factors like circumstances in your home country, potential situations for you in Australia, how much the chosen course will be valuable, and your immigration history.

2. Financial requirements

3. Health and character requirements

4. English language proficiency requirements

How will you fill up your student visa application form?

You can get the student visa 500 application form online. 

Before applying for the visa, you should first obtain confirmation of enrolment or COE or an offer letter that confirms your selection into the chosen course. 

The course should be registered under CRICOS or Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses. You will get an online code for COE, which you have to enter in the correct section of the online visa application.

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If you want to change your course at a certain point in time, you can do it with the same visa, but that course should be at the same higher study level. 

If you want to change your course to a lower level on the Australian Qualification Framework or AQF or a non-AQF level course, you will need to change your visa. 

However, the same is not applicable if you want to change your course from Ph.D. to Masters.

What are the requirements for visa subclass 500?

Following are the requirements that you will need to apply for the visa:

1. Financial requirements: You have to show that you can bear the expenses required to cover your living, study, and travel expenses. From February of 2018 onwards, the total living costs have to be around twenty thousand Australian Dollars annually. 

As you can bring your family (spouse and children) with this visa, you need to show that you have sufficient funds to fend for them too. In other ways, your spouse or parents can also support you financially, and just like the previous case, they have to show their efficiency.

2. English language requirements: Certain English language tests are conducted all over the World and accepted internationally. These include IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, and Cambridge Advanced. You need to show your English proficiency based on the scores, which vary according to the type of degree you’re enrolling in. However, you will not require to demonstrate your English ability if you come from an English-speaking country or have studied in an English-speaking country at least for five years.

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3. Health requirements: Are you planning to study medicine or a nursing course? Then you need to go through several medical tests just to show that you’re physically fit. You can take these tests by simply getting an appointment with a doctor who the Australian Immigration Department approves. A registered migration agent Adelaide can help you in this regard.

4. Character requirements: You must give evidence of your decent and good character to apply for a student visa. You have to go through a criminal record check or get a penal clearance or police clearance certificate.

What documents will you need to submit in the application?

As per the above-stated requirements, you need to submit certain documents while applying for the subclass 500 student visa.

1. The primary document which you will require is the perfectly completed visa application form, numbered 157A.

2. You have to pay the visa application fee at the last stage of the online visa application.

3. Your passport will be your valid identity proof in a foreign country. You have to submit a copy of its bio-data page.

4. You have to give the certificate or enrolment or the offer letter that will confirm your enrolment to a certain course that is registered under CRICOS.

5. You need to provide evidence of sufficient funds that may include bank account details as well as income certificates.

6. You must have evidence of a health insurance cover as per the Australian government rules.

7. English proficiency test results remain valid for a certain duration of time (2 years or 3 years). So, you have to apply for the visa before its validity expires.

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8. For character requirements, you need to provide criminal record check results or police clearance certificates.

9. Four copies of passport-sized photographs are also needed.

The visa processing time is generally four weeks. For ten months courses, the visa’s expiry date is 15th March of the following year, while for more than ten months, the access remains valid for two more months, in case of the course end in January to October.

For more details, you can discuss this with any visa consultant Adelaide. The best and most professional Immigration Agent Adelaide will help you to find such a pro.

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