How Social Commerce Platform Can Help To Drive eCommerce Sales & Revenue


It is difficult to gain the desired conversions and leads as an online commerce business as the digital world might have evolved; it has increased the competition and people’s expectations around brands and what they can offer.

Driving sales and revenue has become very challenging, so you need something that brings consistency to your business and magnifies your brand’s success.

It begins when your potential customers come across your brand and explore your products and finally purchase it. It seems easy in theory, but the reality is that marketers are looking for something that can smoothen the customers’ purchase journey and make it friction-free. 

That is why we have decided to let you know about this concept called Social Shopping. Keep reading and understand better.

What Are Social Commerce Platforms?

Social Commerce platforms are the ultimate revolution to the commerce spectrum. It has managed to bring social media and eCommerce together and made every eCommerce dream come true. 

Brands no longer have to push consumers and direct them to their website. Social Commerce has enabled brands to be where their target audience is. They can tap into their social activities and create better brand awareness. Now the only thing the brands have to worry about is to create a social presence. 

Brands can post pictures of their products on social media platforms like they used to and tag these products with product tags that indicate that the product is buyable.

Want to know how this simple step can drive eCommerce sales and revenue for your brand, read ahead.

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5 Ways Social Commerce Platform Can Help To Drive eCommerce Sales & Revenue

1) Engaging Social Shopping

Social commerce platforms enable shopping along with socializing fun and engaging experience. These platforms allow brands to tap into users’ social media behaviors without interrupting them, making them the perfect addition and enhancer of social media platforms. Many social shopping platforms provide captivating shoppable social galleries to brands.

Brands can collect social media content like UGC, influencer content, or other content types and curate them into vibrant galleries, ready to embed on eCommerce websites. The website visitors can engage with these shoppable galleries and explore the brand’s products without going through the entire website. These shoppable galleries also come with shoppable tags and enable seamless purchasing. All this leaves no room for distractions for the consumer and ensures multiple purchases.

2) Low Cart Abandonment Rate

The biggest fear of every eCommerce platform is the cart abandonment rate that has gradually started increasing because of the users’ decreasing attention span. With Social Commerce Platforms, brands no longer have to worry, as these platforms make the purchase journey friction-free and user-friendly. 

The Consumers no longer have to go through the lengthy process of adding address details and payment details. Once they have added their address on the social commerce platform, it automatically reaches the brand’s logistics. With quick mobile payment options, users can buy anything they want within few seconds, increasing the possibility of more sales for brands.

3) Focuses On The Target Audience

Social Commerce platforms allow brands to focus on the target audience. Today, many consumers believe that social media helps them discover new brands. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide in-built promotional services that brands can use for target-specific promotions. If you want to promote a post on Facebook or Instagram, the amount you have to pay is minimal. 

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You get to choose the type of audience you want your ad to reach. You can use moderation filters to focus on your target age group, gender, location, the kind of hashtags they usually use to search for brands similar to yours. These promotions also provide an analytical report to measure the success of your promotional campaign. 

4) User-friendly 

When nearly more than half of the world’s population is already on social media, you know your potential customers are already familiar with every functionality and service social media offers. Social commerce only comes as an additional attribute that enhances the experience for the users with the perfect social shopping.

The social commerce features are user-friendly and device-friendly. It means that they can be acquired by anyone and on any device, unlike eCommerce websites that need a proper internet connection and a PC or a laptop if the consumer wants to have an online shopping experience.

5) Easy Product Discovery

Shoppable galleries enable easy product discovery. Social media users already love to explore brands and new products on social media. As a brand, all you need is to choose the correct keywords and hashtags, and social commerce platforms ensure more new customers than any other commerce platform.

Not just that, there are social commerce platforms that help you create shoppable galleries for your eCommerce website, curated with your preferred social media content, including user-generated content. These social shoppable galleries enable you to bring social media to your website. It engages your visitors and promises a better conversion rate.

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Over To You

And, we now reach the end of the blog with the hope that you found it informative and have a better grasp of the concept of social commerce platforms.

These were five ways social commerce platforms can help to drive eCommerce sales and revenue. It is your sign to get on board with this new trend and bring out the best for your brand!

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