A Step-by-Step Guide on how to sell on Daraz!


When we talk about online shopping in Pakistan, the first name comes first in our mind is Daraz. Instead of shopping, you can sell on daraz if you are a business person or want to be!

Daraz is basically an eCommerce platform where different retailers and brands offer their products.

You might have a physical business somewhere in Pakistan, and you thought to enhance it. 

You also might be heard that it’s an excellent chance for retailers and brands to sell on Daraz. 

So, this article is going to be all about how to sell on daraz as a retailer or a brand (steps for both are the same).

Selling on daraz is one of the most profitable small businesses in Pakistan, but if you don’t have the right guidelines about how to sell on Daraz, you might not scale your business. 

So, this step by step guide about how to sell on Daraz will help you to build a sturdy business.

Products that you can sell on Daraz!

Before digging into the process of creating a seller account on Daraz, it’s essential to understand what you can sell on Daraz? And from where?

The answer to the question is that you can sell everything that a customer buys all over Pakistan.

They have two options for you for selling; you can sell,

● Physical Products

● Digital Goods

A couple of days ago, one of my friends told me that he was selling games coins on Daraz in the digital goods section.

That means whatever product you have that buyers buy in Pakistan, you can put that product on Daraz and sell it.

But remember, ask the support center to review what you are going to add if something new in the market. Because if you add illegal product or any kinds that will cause your store banned might not be a good decision.


Create a seller account on Daraz

It’s the first step to start selling all around Pakistan. You can visit their seller center and click on “Become a seller" that is just behind the login box. To directly visit the signup form, you can click here.

It will lead you to a new webpage, where you have four options to choose from;

1. DarazMall Seller

2. Local Seller

3. Global Seller

4. Digital Good Seller

DarazMall Seller: If you’re a licensed business or a registered company, you should create an account in the DarazMall Seller section.

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Local Seller: If you don’t have a licensed business, it’s always great to become a local seller.

Global Seller: Those who have an established business outside Pakistan and want to spread their product in Pakistan, then they require a Global Seller account.

Digital Good Seller: This section is for those who want to sell digital goods.

Once you choose your best suitable category, you will require the following details.

  • Mobile number: You must provide your own mobile number because your number will be used for communications. Keep the phone with you because you will be required to verify your number during registration.

  • Human test: You will be asked to slide the arrows to prove yourself human. These kinds of tests help sites stop spamming on the sites. So that registration couldn’t be automated with software and robots.

  • Password: Set a password for your account. Keep that confidential so that your account couldn’t be misused or hacked.

  • Email: An email address makes communications more accessible. You can easily save the details of your transactions and sellings in your email address. It does not depend on your mobile only because you can’t keep all the records on your phone.

  • Shop name: Set a name whatever you want to be called on the site. It should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. So that if someone refers to a friend for your shop, he should not face any hurdle during the search.

Add products to your seller account

It is the second essential step to sell on Daraz. Once you verified your phone and email address. You can now login to your account right here.

As you login to your account, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Here you can add the products that you want to sell on the website.

The first option is “Products" as you click or hover over your cursor on this option in the left menu bar, a subsection will appear, and there will be the second option is to add products, click on it.

Now you can insert the product and category of your product.

● Product Name: Keep each product’s name unique. So that people could recognize it quickly. You should add the model number or any other important details in right here.

● Category: In which category does your product fall? Choose it wisely. For example, your product is a Camera. There are different categories for different cameras. Is that a security camera or a photography camera, etc. You will also get suggestions to choose the right category for your product.

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Once you choose the category, new options will appear. Where you can add all the possible details about your products, let’s discuss all those briefly.

● Video URL: Do you have any video that could help people understand about your goods? That’s great. Add the URL of that video. If you don’t have a URL, you can create a YouTube channel and upload your video on your channel then get the video link to insert here. If you don’t have any, leave it blank.

● Brand: Does your product belong to a brand? If it does, then you should mention the name; otherwise, click on “No Brand."

● Products Basics: The following will be different for each article. For example, regarding “Camera," the options will be: Resolutions, Pixels, Battery type, etc. For any other item, the demand will be different.

● Highlights: Add the most valuable information about your items in bullets form as this section you are reading is in bullets form. At least, add three highlights.

● Product Description: Add all possible details about your items. And to appear in search results, you should use your main terms at least twice in the description. For example, if your item is “drone camera, " use it twice in the description.

● English Description: If the previous description wasn’t in the English language, then add an English description in this box. Otherwise, copy the previous one and paste it here.

● What’s in the box: It’s essential to mention all the items that you will put in the box. It will be mentioned in your box, and your customer will verify it.

● Media: You will add pictures of your articles. You can upload a maximum of 8 images.

● Availability: When your product is available, turn it on. You must turn it off once your product is out of stock.

● Price & Quantity: Set a price for your items, including commissions. You can also set a special price when you want to offer discounts.

● Service & Delivery: You will add additional details here. Like, does your product have any warranty? If not, then write No. If yes, then select a warranty type. What’s the package weight and dimensions of the box? It depends on your item.

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Click on Submit, and your product will be live.


Promote your products

When you have done your listings, it’s time to promote your products. Although daraz will promote your products themselves, you should too!

If you have good writing skills, then you can start guest blogging! Guest blogging is as simple as writing an article solving any particular issue with your product’s help and posting it in another’s blog.

Otherwise, you can create your Facebook page and build your targeted audience who are desperate to buy your product, bring them on your product page, and scale your business.


Important Tips

After selling your products (Fully delivered), daraz will hold your payment for 15 days. But don’t worry, if you don’t have any penalties, they will release your funds after deducting their commission.

Most sellers choose to deliver their products via daraz mall, but you can choose your own shipping method.

The success of selling on daraz depends on your product and your strategy. If you are a manufacturer, then your product is your success.

If you are a retail business, you should do some research first on daraz that which category or products have popularity, then list your products accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The following are frequently asked questions that you might be interested in;


How to delete an account on Daraz?

If you’re done with your account or something wrong happened with your shop and want to delete your account, it’s not more available in manual options.

You will be required to contact the “Help Center" and ask them to delete your account.


What is the Voucher Code in Daraz?

The Vouchers or Coupon codes are discount codes that sellers set for their promotions and increase sales.

Once you grab that Voucher, you will get a fixed discount on a specific purchase.

If you’re a seller and want to set Voucher Code, then follow the following steps.

1. Login to your account

2. Click on Promotions

3. Click on Seller Voucher

Add details about your Voucher

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Zahid Zaidy
Zahid Zaidy
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This article help me :

Nice Tips but did not mention if there is a package price for the Global seller or local seller or they only charge the commission per sale instead of any monthly fee or package fee ?

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This article help me :

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