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Product Promotion: 

(sell products online)

Product promotion is one of the most important parts or you can say, the goal of every business to make their effort effective as much as possible in marketing investment. Not exactly it is a new thing but when it comes to launching the best item to dropship, having a solid marketing strategy will not only effectively engage your buyers, but also make attention to the potential customers to sell products online. Alright, it’s true that promoting a new product is too hard but if you have the evergreen best item to dropship then it would be easier.

To sell products online, there are several methods. In this post, we will discuss dropshipping products promotions and it definitely addresses the online product promotion. Part-01Part-02 | Part-03Part-04 

Before the start, just make sure you did the basic on-page SEO like adding meta tags, keywords on your content, and as well as you have added analytics tracking code and Facebook pixel. You should also add an opt-in form in order to collect emails.

Sell products online

Ads campaign:

In the initial state, you will have to gather some traffic in order to store some data. In the sense, when you run an ad campaign, you will generate traffic and through analytics, facebook pixel and opt-in form you will gather your traffics information.

When you sell products online, you will have to optimize your ads campaign according to those data. The ads campaign would be 3 types PPC, Display Network, and Facebook ads. Go to and hire someone to create your ads images and videos for your campaigns. Start from Facebook ads, because it is much cheaper than all ad campaigns. Setup your ads group. Invest $15 initially for each group daily and sell products online. If you are not familiar with the internet then it would be better to hire someone to set up your campaign.


Find some influencers after collecting few data from ads campaign, such as, which age groups people are interested in your products, their ages, their origins, their behavior, etc. Go to and find the channels in your niche which have 10k-50k subscribers. Discuss with them whether they can promote your store to sell products online or not. If they agreed, offer them $10-$50 for each video recommending your products initially. Track your sales generating through influencers. For that, you can use URL trackers.  


When your opt-in form collects at least 20,000 subscribers, it’ time to sell products online. Start sending them different offers through emails you collected. You can use MailChimp because it has great features. Schedule your email campaign weekly, but remember do not try to bother them. Selling products online is all about creating emotions for your buyers so be crystal clear about what you will be sending and you should try to add information of your product as much as possible within a short length of text in your mail. Describe clearly what benefits your customers are going to get.

Push Notifications:

Offering your products to your customer’s browser through pushing notifications is one of the most converting sales funnel. More than 20% percent of audience convert into customers just because of notification. It builds trusts so it will be one of your great tools to sell products online. Use different notification software. Pushcrew is one of the best software to push your sales notifications as well as product promotional notifications to your store visitors. It will help you to convert your visitors into your customers.

Search Engine Optimization:

If you already decided to carry your niche for the long term then search engine optimization is an exact fit with your decision. Go to and educate yourself about search optimization. Then start optimizing your pages, product categories, and especially your blog post. Link your products to the related post to sell products online. Yes, you will have to create a blog section in your store and post there regularly about different solutions related to your niche. Initially hire an SEO company to do that for a month and the cost would approximately $200.

Social Media:

Social media would be one of your great platforms to promote your products for absolutely free as well as paid way. I have already explained in the previous section about the paid method. To do social media marketing for free, you will have to be dedicated to your sales otherwise it will not work for you because it takes time and patience. Promoting a product in social media means you are going to build an audience in your niche and it’s too hard you know. Searching people and sending them requests and ask them page likes are quite spammy activities nowadays detected by facebook robots. But if you selected really good products then you can generate leads from “” and “”   

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