Top Five Netflix Series and Why You Should Watch Them Right Now!


There are plenty of shows which are waiting for you to watch them but there are rarely some which truly deserve your attention. Some of those shows are really good and actually deserve a watch, but some are just too bad that they are good. To help you find out which is which and what shows you should watch and why you should watch them, the following list of five Netflix series has been prepared.

1. The Crown

Nothing interests humans more than their own kind. What goes into making a person the way they are and why they are so different from them intrigues a lot of people. The show lets us peek into the royalty of England and it fulfills our need to take a good look into the fictional world of her highness Queen Elizabeth. The show has been around for four seasons now and it might as well get a fifth season given the popularity of the show. You should watch it if you want to know how the royal family of England works and how different they are from us.

2. Queen’s Gambit

Based on the game of chess, Queen’s Gambit is a compelling limited series which explores the life of Beth Harmon who is a chess genius. The show has been gaining a lot of popularity with chess players pitting themselves against Beth Harmon’s artificial intelligence bot in a game of chess to check where they stand. Portrayed brilliantly by Anna Taylor Joy, Beth Harmon is at the center of the seven-part limited series.

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3.       Black Lightning

Superhero shows have been back in business for a while now, but there have rarely been some shows which explore the life of a retired superhero who also happens to be a black man. The show follows the story of Jefferson Pierce played brilliantly by Cress Williams and the challenges faced by him post retirement. Black Lightning season 4 was aired in May, 2021 and it became the most talked about show during its release.

4.       Grace and Frankie

Many fans of the show have been asking when is new season of Grace and Frankie is going to be released. The show is about two women who have successful divorce lawyers for husbands. Grace and Frankie season 7 will probably be released in 2021 which is expected to have thirteen episodes just like its predecessor. You should watch it because of the humor and performances from the leading as well as support actors.

5. Orphan Black

One of the least talked about Netflix shows is truly a wonderful piece of art and credit for that goes to the intriguing story and amazing acting from the leading lady of the show Tatiana Maslany, who won an Emmy Award for her role.

There are other such shows which have been covered in our top 10 Netflix series you must watch, but for now, these should be enough.

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