Mobile App Marketing & Promotion Checklist For Beginners


The advertising plan you will utilize is one of the first things you need to consider promoting your mobile apps. 

All apps need a plan, and mobile marketing apps aren’t different. Companies may quickly obtain insights and take advantage of various marketing tools to improve their promotion, which is what this mobile app marketing strategy is about to give.

Why You Should Market Your Mobile App

You’ve got an application. Now, you want the general audience to advertise your software to download and use the app. Only in this way can you generate money from the software.

The absence of finance prevents most small enterprises. Mobile applications typically cost around $10,000, and the majority of these marketing and promotional expenditures are pretty challenging.

Marketing campaigns must spend at least 30% of the full costs to boost their chances of success in accordance with the principles of marketing.

Keep this in mind, some of the ways follow to enhance your app promotion without spending 30%. These organic channels are enough to market your app to the right audience. So let’s see what the list has to offer for mobile app marketing.

List of Mobile App Marketing Checklist for Beginners

1) Create Your Website

Before you launch your mobile app, you must have a web presence. Create a specific landing page that offers fascinating product information. Include a clock that notifies users to and integrates social media networks. 

You may also gather email addresses for your visitors. So you may send your newsletters to them and advertise them afterward.

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2) App Store Optimization

Optimizing is an important channel that cannot simply be overlooked in the App Store (ASO). It works slightly differently from standard SEOs. 

The leading players of Google Play and the Apple App Store are ranked by the programs based on several components, the names of the program’s title (what is meant to define its aim), the written ‘signature optimized.’

3) Go Social

In 2014, 92 percent of marketers claimed that social media was the main promotion channel for enterprises and that traffic to their websites was raised by around 80 percent.

Social media also contributes to strengthening your company’s recognition and building strong leadership. Individuals prefer to contact with and comment on social media rather than emails.

4) Create an App Teaser

A teaser that will look forward to releasing your application, you, and your viewers. In addition, teasers should be coupled with your landing page to attract interested people interested in investigating your software.

Recall publishing your video on major video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. For your app promotion, you may create a teaser video and also utilize the app teaser in video commercials.

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5) Submit App on Multiple App Stores

Various online app listings are launched every month and week. Connect them to and allow your app concept. Usually, they ask you for:

  • App Description 
  • App URLs 
  • Name of the application
  • Wallpaper Shots
  • Promotion of codes (if paid)
  • Icon of App

Some websites prefer paid listings by themselves. Make sure you seek their relative success rates before the sale is completed.

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6) Promote On Social Media

Using sponsored advertising on social media, the best way to leverage social media to market your mobile application is. 

Nearly all social media networks allow app advertising and enhance user engagement with the mobile app. You may thus decide which one would work best to catch the attention of your target audience. 

The three most prevalent kinds of sponsored social media advertising are:

7) Email Marketing Is the Best Way Forward

The approach to significant publications significantly increases traffic and enhances the online profile of your application. Don’t give up email marketing. Under suitable conditions, it may be pretty effective even if it is outdated.

Tell journalists, users, bloggers, entrepreneurs, clients, employees, friends, and even family visiting your landing page. Don’t let the stone go undisturbed.

8) Network with Others to Market

Relationships have always been outstanding. Rest and learn about applications created by small firms; connect to them. Cross-supporting software can increase the exposure of particular people.

Indeed, these indications are helpful for organizations that want to impress on a limited marketing budget.

You can also collaborate with different bloggers by writing free guest post and get leads from this post to your app store.


Mobile app marketing is all about trying and testing the channels that best work for you. You may classify your app in the app store more if your app is a game or a utility app. However, if your app is an app such as Tiktok, you will need to encourage it to be higher in the search engines through influencers.

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With that said, you can always hire experts that can help you market your apps to the right audience., a b2b rating, and review platform is one platform that offers the best mobile app marketing experts for your business.

Explore the platform today and see which marketing agency can be the best fit for your business.

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