Tips To Make Your Instagram Popular Organically


There are many social media platforms where you would like to get more engagement from your audiences. Indian social media, Facebook, and Instagram, are some of them. Instagram is gaining popularity day by day and one of the best platforms to get worldly exposure for your content. Instagram is present for a pretty long time now and has also gone through several iterations. We keep on seeing new features and functionalities, and if you have a business, you must also adapt to these changes to ensure your account growth. Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram; however, the question is how?

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For many, it is the number of followers they have on their Insta account. To get a colossal following, you should have a characterized account with exposure to your brand and massive engagement and engaging content. Otherwise, you will never touch the fan following you will need. Many people are already aware of how their accounts should look and how they can grow them. If you are experiencing a lack of following with your Instagram account, you can look into few approaches. There are few tips that you can follow. If you are thinking about purchasing followers and likes, this is against the law and not a very good idea. So, the first thing is that you must legally do everything to grow your Insta account.  

You should not only think about one factor and keep working on that and ignore all the others. One post will not grow viral so, think about multiple posts. This is because it is likely that not all your posts will get viral, but some can if you have crafted them with good wit. Also, you have to be on schedule regarding the frequency of posting and quality content. 

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Best timings to post

So, you can post your content on Instagram on Wednesdays and Fridays, and you can post on Tuesdays to Friday for steady engagement. In case you are doing brand promotions, you must look into analytics. When you post these days consistently, your audience will start accepting and will also be eager for your posts. This will become their habit if they are connected with your brand. You might have seen that renowned brands are very consistent on posting. ( make sure the Instagram post size.)

You can also develop your schedule; make sure that you are consistent. 

Finally, the quality of your content will play a major role in attracting your customers to your Instagram account. There is loads of hype on Instagram these days, so make sure that your post always stands out from the crowd. Below are some other tips for growing your Instagram organically. 

Be one step ahead

When you compete, you must always have one eye on your competitors and know your targeted audiences. Now, decide what type of content will attract your audiences and choose a niche that will work best for your brand. There are also Instagram tools from where you will get lots of help. Also, test everything visually before you post. Dedicated planning will keep you ahead. 

Who are your audiences?

There is no use in promoting your posts without knowing about your audiences. What if you are posting for audiences who are not interested in your posts? Many will unfollow your Insta account, and everything will go in the wrong direction. If you know your audiences, you will certainly get great responses from them because they are interested. Use demographic features in such a case.

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Show interest in accounts similar to yours.

On Instagram, you will find many similar accounts to yours, so be good and like and comment on their posts. This might not do any good to your account, but there is also no harm in it. At least they will also know about your presence. This will earn you some exposure. Just make sure that whatever you do is real and not bots. You can give your opinion and also ask questions. 

Promote on other channels

Apart from Instagram, there are many other popular channels like Twitter, Indian Social media, YouTube, etc., where you will find huge reach. This way, you will turn your Facebook and other platforms audiences to your Instagram account. You can use pop-ups and blog posts to get the results. Your every other account will benefit each other if you use this tip. 


Keep in mind that you have to be patient on social networks, so do not get discouraged if it is taking time. Also, do not stop posting in case you are not getting instant results. Using above mentioned tips will help you raise the popularity of your Instagram account. Just post organic content. 

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