LG to rollout OLED TV lineup this year in India


The South Korean multinational giant, LG, has for decades now dominated the consumer electronics industry with their advanced technology and sleek-looking appliances. Lately, LG has been in the headlines of many reputed newspapers and magazines for their latest TV lineup release. 

2021 marks a year of fruitful returns for the corporation as they gain back all the lost revenue they encountered during the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic. This article gives you the details pertaining to the novel LG TV lineup and further provides you with some basic definitions of the different types of TVs they have for sale and their corresponding features.

What is an OLED TV?

An organic light-emitting diode television (OLED TV) or organic LED TV has a layer or a film with the help of which it emits light in response to an electric current. OLED TVs are very modern in terms of their features, which is why consumers invest a lot of their money in them. They are usually lighter, thinner, and conserve more energy in comparison to standard LED TVs. 

Although when first introduced, their prices were extremely high, now these TVs are a lot more affordable, especially if purchased during the right time. They offer wider viewing angles, and the color contrasts are potent regardless of which end you watch the picture from. In comparison to LED TVs, they are a clear winner.

What is a NanoCell TV?

A NanoCell TV works with ‘nano’ or extremely tiny particles to augment the quality of the image on a TV screen. Although an OLED TV wins in comparison to a NanoCell TV, these TVs still have a better black performance which improves picture quality tremendously. They come with innovative features but are on par with the brightness levels of more affordable TV sets.

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What is a QNED TV?

QNED TVs are not to be mistaken for QLED TVs. Both are very different in terms of their basic function and overall quality portrayal. QNED TVs come under the categorization of LCD TVs and are specifically offered by LG. 

They combine NanoCell innovation with LED backlighting technology to advance their features and provide customers with an unforgettable viewing experience.

They have better backplanes in comparison to OLED TVs and consist of a light-emitting surface that is ten times that of an OLED TV. In this sense, it overcomes light intensity problems that OLED TVs might have in the long run. OLED TVs, however, are still said to be better in terms of other specifications.

What is a Mini LED TV?

A mini LED TV is a more advanced version of an LED panel display. It has more advanced backlight attributes and is superior to a standard LED TV in terms of its viewing angles. That being said; however, OLED TVs still dominate when it comes to providing the best viewing angles.

 LG declares Global Rollout

February 2021 marked the month of revolution for LG with their latest global rollout decision. The novel TV lineup to be released comprises OLED, QNED, Mini LED, and NanoCell models, of which the OLED TV is the most anticipated release. Catering to different room sizes to maximize viewing distance efficiency, these TVs come in different sizes, ranging between 43 inches and 88 inches. 

Each of them is fitted with an intelligent processor — Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI — that upscales performance and ensures that your movie-watching experience is close to cinematic. This processor is accountable for optimizing visual output by delivering the perfect level of light for every image on the screen and improving the overall ambiance of the pictures getting displayed. It is also responsible for maintaining a good contrast ratio between images.

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The NanoCell LG TV models, in specific, offer consumers a broader range of 4K and 8K options. The TV uses filter color impurities that deliver pristine image quality. This is a step up from the usual LG TV game. 

The TVs also come with better visual and sound quality because of the newly integrated AI Picture Pro and Sound Pro technology. Running on webOS 6.0, you can get quick access to your favorite TV applications as well.

Certain attributes of the newly released TV ranges have been personalized to suit different gaming requirements for gamers. Depending on the game genre that is being played on the screen, the Game Optimizer feature changes the picture settings to improve your gaming experience. 

The TVs also come with a Bluetooth Surround Ready feature that allows multiple devices to get connected to the TV simultaneously without disrupting the game being played on the screen. Finally, a Magic Remote feature allows consumers to switch and scroll through games on the screen without experiencing any delay, which boosts the overall performance of the TV.

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