Effective Ways to Improve Your Kidney Function


A year ago, my grandfather was facing a kidney issue. He had stones in one kidney and  he went for dialysis after every second day. One day, I went along with him to the MMC general hospital, Peshawar. That was the kidney department where we sat. Patients were rushing into the hospital with different issues. Some were those who lost the complete function of one kidney. While some were reporting kidney pain repeatedly.

As we all know that kidneys are the  important organs of our body performing vital functions. They are balancing water, salts and minerals like sodium, potassium in our blood. Our survival without kidneys seems impossible. They are also involved in removing toxins from the body. Their impairment will lead to multiple loss of functions in our body. There are many diseases related to kidneys. Some of the most common ones are detailed below.

  • Chronic kidney disease is most common among kidney diseases. It is basically the loss of kidneys or the complete loss of its functions.
  • Kidney stones are also very common in which stones are formed in the kidneys and lead to pain. There can be multiple reasons behind the formation of kidney stones. They can be stones of calcium-oxalate, calcium phosphate or uric acid.
  • Glomerulonephritis.
  • Urinary tract infections also come in the range of kidney diseases.

Any form of damage to the kidney leads to build up of toxins and fluid within the body. These diseases can cause shortness of breath, weakness, nausea, fatigue and poor sleep. If they don’t get treated and we keep on neglecting them, the kidneys will ultimately stop working and the consequences can be very harsh. The number of deaths reported by kidney issues is increasing day by day.

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Ways to Improve Kidney Function:

Kidneys are one of the major parts of our body. They get most of the blood like the brain and heart. Some of the effective ways to keep the kidneys healthy are detailed below.

1)   Diet maintenance:

First thing first, your diet is the deciding factor of your health. It is going to decide whether you are healthy or you are a lazy one. Whatever a disease is, a perfect diet aids a lot in fighting with them.

●     Food to eat:

The food that is preferred to eat while having kidney problems includes fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, seeds and nuts and dairy products with low fat. as they have low sugar, sodium, fats and red meat. Doctors always advise to use fresh vegetables rather than canned vegetables. Following food products are advised:

  • Garlic.
  • cauliflower.
  • onions.
  • apples.
  • blueberries.
  • olive oil.

There can be many other foods besides these, that are healthy for your kidneys.

●     Food to avoid:

And food products that are advised to be avoided include ham, bacon, meat, salty snacks, pickled foods, canned products having high sodium levels.

2)   Avoid bad habits:

  • If a person is going through kidney disease, he should stop smoking, as it is a way of getting vulnerable to smoking and also creates many other kidney problems.
  • Alcohol affects the kidneys in a way that they start filtering less blood. It can dehydrate the kidneys.
  • If a person facing kidney problems starts taking alcohol, the situation will get worse as he will face symptoms like swollen face, ankles, difficulty in breathing, confusion, nausea and vomiting.
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3)   Maintenance of body weight:

Body weight should be maintained or at least it should be tried to maintain. When obesity comes along with kidney problems, the complications become more unbearable and painful.

4)   Check on body functions:

 You should check the normal regulations of yourself like, blood pressure,  blood sugar levels and regular health check up by visiting your doctor. For kidney issues, I took my father to the best kidney specialist in Peshawar.

5)   Management of sleep cycle:

Normal pattern of sleep is necessary for normal function of the kidneys. As kidney function is regulated by the sleep wake cycle of the body. People with less sleep have faster kidney failure possibilities. Your body needs a mental and physical rest and sleep in the best way to make them calm altogether.

5) Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Juicing can also advantage kidney health by giving more fluid to assist in keeping the body hydrated. The extra antioxidants humans get from the fruits and veggies used to make the juice can highly help in reducing inflammation caused by oxidation. Oxidation is basically a normal body process, which when oxygen in the human body reacts with fats in the cells & blood. Kidney disease might cause more inflammation and hence, more oxidative damage it will cause to the body. Therefore, fresh juices created from a cold press juicer will offer more antioxidants as well as some of the minerals and vitamins that might be lacking in patients suffering from kidney disease, for example, B6 and folic acid.

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Kidneys are not an organ that can be overlooked. Any disordered function of kidneys will leave bad effects on your overall health. Try to keep them healthy by following the steps. Make a healthy routine and then stick to it!

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