Check Arresting Places To Visit In Mussoorie For Joyful Vacation


If there is anything that everyone is craving for this year, it is a vacation. With people stuck at home and social distancing over a year and a half, we are all looking forward and planning for a fantastic summer gateway. Mussorie is among lively and beautiful hill stations situated in the foothill of the Himalayas in Dehradun. If you plan for a summer gateway to escape the blazing heat bangs, Mussorie hill station is the place to be. There are tons of places to visit in Mussoorie, along with a wide variety of amusements that you can enjoy with your lovest family & friends.

Mussorie also houses several bazaars like Sisters Bazaar, Kulri Bazaar, etc. that provides for perfect opportunity to indulge in shopping. You can buy apparel, footwear, handicraft, jewelry, Tibetan statues, etc., at reasonable rates to take as souvenirs back home.

Everyone’s idea of a fun-filled vacation is different. While some people enjoy adventure gateways, others love relaxed and laid-back holidays to escape the stresses of the daily lifestyle. And then some people enjoy and love to explore new and exciting things on their gateway. You can explore the Mussoorie holiday packages and know the special discounts and deals for group packages offered by the travel agents.

Here is a shortlist of places to visit in Mussoorie when planning a summer gateway with friends and family.

1: Kempty Fall

Known and loved as a tourist place in Mansuri, Kempty fall is a must-see spot for tourists and vacationers. The gigantic mountain range surrounds the waterfall and allows the tourists to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of the hill station. The spell bounding landscape and the majestic view of the waterfall can keep you in a trance long after you visit Kempty fall. The glorious water streams are the perfect place for a splash in the water. You can even plan an outdoor picnic to spend your day bathing in the cool water and enjoying the natural surroundings.

2: Lake Mist

Summers are the perfect time for enjoying some boating time. Lake Mist has an eco-friendly resort that allows for boating activities, clicking the picture of natural surroundings and fast food eatery that you can enjoy and relax with your loved ones. The location is a heaven for nature lovers and can be visited throughout the year for its bewitching beauty. Lake Mist is made from the gushing water of the Kempty fall and makes for top places to visit in Mussoorie.

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3: Mussorie Lake

It is an ideal Mussorie picnic spot for vacationers. This artificial lake makes for a lovely touristy spot that has been beautifully designed by the local authorities and is among an unexplored spot that offers a scenic view, boating activities, and mouth-watering finger food for locals and tourists in Mussoorie. It is also well connected with transport facilities and easily accessible from the city center by taxi or bus.

4: LalTibba

If you enjoy trekking or sports activities, then LalTibba is a must-see spot in Mussorie for you. LalTibba provides magnificent views of snow-capped mountains and is the highest peak in Mussoorie. LalTibba also houses popular pilgrimages Badrinath and Kedarnath nearby. The enchanting and pristine views can be enjoyed from the mountain peak with a Japanese telescope to see the mountain range in its full glory.

5: Camel Back Road

If you are considering what to see in Mussorie that you cannot simply find anywhere else, then Camel Back Road is the one to visit. The road’s name is inspired by the rock formation that is shaped as the hunched back of the camel. The road begins from Liberty point and ends at Kulri Bazaar. It is a 3 km long walk and stays crowded in the summer months with tourists flocking from all over the world. The fabulous views of Doon Valley, the array of eateries serving gorge food and snacks, and horse riding make for exciting and fun-filled places to visit in Mussoorie.

6: Gun Hill

It is a place that young children and adults can equally enjoy. Gun Hills boasts a cable car ride that draws many tourists to the spot. The cable car ride begins from JhulaGhar and ends at Gun Hill that provides mesmerizing views of meadows and mountains through the ropeway in Doon Valley. The stunning sunset views from the cable car are among the best places to visit in Mussorie in December. The place also offers hot tea and piping hot snacks to savor a relaxed evening with loved ones.

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7: K DevBhoomi Wax Museum

Situated in Company Garden, K DevBhoomi wax museum is a much-loved tourist place in Mussoorie. The Wax Museum houses famous international celebrities and renowned nationals wax lifelike statues that you can see firsthand. The architecture of the museum is also outstanding and keeps you hooked up to the place. The place is open from 9 am to 6 pm and has an entry fee of 500 rupees. You can buy souvenirs to take back for your friends and relatives.

8: Mussorie Adventure Park

As the name of the place suggests, the place is heaven for adventure lovers with various thrilling activities on offer. You can choose from an array of adrenaline-pumping activities such as sky diving, zip line, valley crossing, skiing, rock climbing, etc., for your day out. With the myriad of activities designed for both young kids and adults, you will experience wonderful memories from the trip. These activities are designed and supervised by a trained professional who is safe to participate in. The entry fee of the park begins from 600 rupees onwards. The park is also open all day long, so you can visit anytime you want.

9: Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj Temple is a beautiful temple located 15 km away from the hill station. The temple is dedicated to Lord Balbhadra, and it is a very peaceful and scenic place in Mussorie. The craving and architecture of the temple can remind you of ancient times, while the stunning views will fill your heart with joy. Tourists also come to enjoy trekking here.

10: LambiDehar Mines

Mussorie is known amongst the spookiest places in Uttarakhand. LambiDehar Mines has recorded the death of several thousand mine workers in the 1990s without a clue. It is believed that after dusk, one can hear shrieking voices coming from the mines, and locals are afraid to go anywhere near the mines after dark. The mine is considered haunted, and if you want to expedience spine chilling aura of the place, you can explore LambiDehar Mines if you do not believe in ghosts.

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11: Library Bazaar

Founded in 1843, Library Bazaar is the best place to visit in Mussorie. Loving called KitaabGhar, the library is in Mall Road that houses some splendid cafes, where you will be served delicious and sumptuous meals. The colonial feel that you witness from the library and nearby market is something to feel awe. There is no entry fee for visiting the ancient library.

12: Dhanaulti

The best place to visit in Mussorie in October, Dhanaulti, offers stunning views of the daunting mountain range. Sitting at an altitude of 2286m, it houses an Eco Twin park with rides and open green spaces for kids. The tranquil and peaceful environment makes for a stress buster for adults and young alike. You can also shop for shawls, scarves, etc., from the nearby shops. The place is famous for touristy spots like Deogarh Fort, Dashavatar Temple, and Chanderi Town.

13: Disco Skating Rink

It is the most fun and exciting place to visit in Mussorie if you want to try your hand at Skating or love Skating. Get your feet on the heels and swirl around the skating rink to experience the joy of skating with loved ones. Children will simply enjoy their trip to the skating rink and will love the experience.


The above-discussed lists of visiting places in Mussoorie are only among the handful. It is a destination that you can plan to visit year long, but it is simply mesmerizing in the summertime. The cobbled roads and fun-filled activities in Mussorie will make you fall in love with the destination.

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