Internet dating – How Such Sites Can Make the Situation Worse?


Every real-life thing has become virtual. If we talk about sports like football, people prefer to play on play station rather than playing it in the nearby ground. The same happens with relationships nowadays. 

People go online and use different dating apps to find the perfect match based on photos, likes or dislikes, choices, etc. 

But here, we should focus that internet dating is dangerous or gives more challenges to build positive relationships. 

In This Article, We Will Compare the Pros and Cons to Conclude Its Impact Plus How We Should Prevent Teens from Internet Dating with Android Spy App.

Let’s Check What People Say About Online Dating.

1 – 30% of US adults have claimed that they have used dating apps.

2 – 12% of People say that they are married to the people they met online.

3 – 3% of Online users say they have been in an enduring relationship with an online partner.

4 – 45% of People revealed their frustrated online dating experiences.

5 – 60% of Females have shared that they have been stalked online even after they refused to talk.

Benefits of Internet Dating

71% people say that they find it easy to use dating apps to explore the best partner.

Dating apps give a chance to people to find the flawless match nearby. Yes, some apps have introduced the location feature that matches your personality near your location. Let’s take the example of Tinder.

This app uses the swipe feature to like someone’s profile based on photos. Swipe to the right represents the like, and swipe to the left means they dislike it. When two users hit the like on each other profile, they can start chatting. 12% of People got into a serious relationship through internet dating.

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Social media platforms also let people meet around the world and start a new journey. 

Negative Side of Online Dating 

A user can’t see the other person in the cyber world. On online platforms, we can interact with people with a fake identity. Such people have different intentions, and they hide behind the dating app. They pretend to be the right partner, but later, they begin to ask for money, meet in person, demand personal photos or videos, etc. 

Many female users say that people stalked them even after showing no interest. 

42% of People share a personal experience of dating apps and how many negative things they have faced. 

71% of Online users reveal that they experience partners who lie about them.

50% of People receive sexually explicit messages.

53% of Women has said that they don’t feel safe on such dating sites at all.

Does Your Teen Also Use Dating App?

Adults also face issues while using the internet, but we can evaluate how situations can go worsen if our teens become part of such a world. To ensure grooming kids’ safety, we must monitor their mobile phones.


Use best spy apps and restrict access to inappropriate websites. Once you install the software, the next step involves the app setup on the target device using a license key (a user receives a license key after purchasing TheWiSpy Android SpyApp). After activation, the end-user watches the activities on the internet-connected end-server. 

Parents should monitor what installed app teen use. If they are on the dating apps, uninstall it with remote commands. It also empowers you to keep a check on your kids’ location and social media presence. The android spy app will let the parents know if their kids are being harassed online or interact with the predators. 

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Internet Dating – A Negative or Positive Way to Interact People? 

26% of People share a negative experience, while 22% share positive experiences. This survey has revealed that online apps are not secure for teens and women. The reasons are crystal clear that online predators hide behind these apps and prey on them without any hesitation. We consider such platforms as the negative side of building relationships. Only a few leads to a serious relationship, while many results in frustration. 

TheWiSpyandroid spy app that lets the parents know if their teens use dating apps. So, prevent them from being the victim of online predating.

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