How to Identify Competitors for Keywords Research?


Speeding up the process of getting more views to your website is an art, and you have to be smart enough to incorporate proper strategies for making this possible for two primary reasons.

The first reason is that you need clients who come to your website to see what you offer. The second is to put your website on top in the search results when people do it on Google by placing specific keywords that you put in your content. Therefore you need to identify competitors for keyword research so that you may be able to adopt high traffic keywords.

You become able to boost your organic search optimization strategy effectively when you adopt specific strategies that work for you. Out of different methods to efficiently identify competitors for keyword research that gives you the idea of what your competitors are offering can be a significant source to boost your organic search optimization process within no time. 

Knowing competitors and selecting keywords is essential for defining your methods of creating keywords used mainly by people. 

This way, you can have a competitive edge in the search results whenever the keywords are searched.

Before seeing the competitors for their keyword research, this aspect is worth considering that your competitors’ keywords are essential to know for two significant reasons.

You should know what type of keywords give top ranking to your competitors and which keywords they have failed to incorporate in, and they did not rank well. 

However, they wanted and tried to incorporate the keywords as their ranking tool. Both of these reasons help in making your keyword strategy.

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Tools To Identify Competitors For Keywords Research:

Here, we will discuss how to identify competitors for keyword research that gains the top-ranking and what is the associated search volume for making the best use of the information.   

The HTML Page Source:

While you are browsing, go to your competitors’ website and look for the keywords by selecting a page there.

Then open the page source by right click on it. You will find a window popping up to display the HTML source code, and there you can look in the code for knowing the keywords. These can be either in the title tag or the optional keywords tag.

Other than this, you can also find the keywords in the Meta description and the image title tags. It should be kept in mind that it’s not necessary to incorporate keywords tag by every website.

Google Keyword:

Another effective method to identify competitors for keyword research is using the Google keyword planner tool, and to access this, all you need is to have a free Google account. This tool will be in the Google AdWords interface. When you start it, first of all, Log into AdWords. There you navigate to the keyword planner and have the option ‘find new keywords’. After that, you can select the option of searching for new keywords by using a phrase, category or website. When you open the form, you have to click on the following file under ‘your landing page’.

You can enter the URL of your competitor, and then there will be an option ‘Get idea’, click on it. 

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It will take some time to generate the list of keywords related to the website and the page. 

When Google displays the results, click on ‘Keyword ideas’ that is below the graph and now you can see the list of those keywords that your competitor uses.


BuzzSumo is one of the most exciting and effective ways to identify competitors for keyword research. Here you can look up to the things in the way in which people view them socially and share for significant purposes. 

Instead of thinking about what keywords have been used by your competitors, you should look for the well-known top-ranked keywords for those in demand and socially search by most people.

You have to explore that what are these top keywords that are used by others as well. BuzzSumo will give you the edge of finding the most liked and shared content for the keywords, and it will give you the idea of what is in demand. 

For example, if you have used a specific keyword, you can have the content related to this keyword shared socially and liked by most people.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, one of the great domains for having the idea of top-ranked terms is SEMRush. It is a simple way of digging out your competitor’s keywords through the list that it provides. Along with the keywords used by your competitor, the SEM Rush tracker also gives the edge of providing a URL that provides the top ranking for each keyword. 

It makes you understand the competition that you have by knowing about what sort of content marketing used by them is working well that you should consider.

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SpyFu is an efficient way to locate the keywords of competitors. This tool is essential for intelligence search. SpyFu provides you with even cursory searches. It gives you the data for all minor and major aspects. It provides the data from local to global monthly search volume on everything, history of advertisement and ranking history, etc. It gives an insight idea to identify competitors for keywords research strategies. 

To identify competitors for keywords research, you can adopt multiple ways to search for your competitors’ keywords for increasing your organic traffic that will ultimately enhance your organic research optimization.

All you have to do is select the best possible method to be on the top-ranked for being more visible in the top research results. As discussed above, these tools can be an excellent source for the keywords research of your competitors. Other than these, some other efficient ways are also there to help you reach the top used keywords used by the people with whom you compete. 

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