How to Start an Online E-commerce Business in Pakistan?


Starting an E-commerce Business:

eCommerce business in Pakistan
wbm international how to start ecommerce business in pakistan

The e-commerce industry is growing and more and more people are interested in it. Many people want to own an e-commerce business but don’t know where to begin. In Pakistan, the e-commerce industry is growing steadily with global players such as the E-commerce Online Shopping in Pakistan showing interest here. This blog will guide you regarding where to start, how to establish an e-commerce business in Pakistan, and how to increase your success rate!

A Good Opportunity:

E-commerce Business in Pakistan is sky-rocketing. More and more online stores are entering the
business scene. As of today, the competition is very intense and Pakistan is a $1 billion e-commerce marketplace. The government and many investors are making the e-commerce scene easier for most. Many brands are coming to Pakistan and showing interest in the marketplace here. As a result, small as well as large-scale ventures are growing rapidly! Now is a great time to invest in the e-commerce industry!

I am going to share a step-by-step guide to help you establish your e-
commerce store or Online shopping marketplace!

Top Six Steps to Start an eCommerce Business

Here we have tried to cover the most important steps to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan. You can follow these steps and start your own eCommerce business in Pakistan.

1: Identify a Product to Sell Online:

You must be able to single out a core product to sell online. You can’t just start from selling everything on your web marketplace. Your website should contain, at max, a few specific products to begin with. From there on, you can keep on expanding your business. Make sure to invest your energy in one product at the beginning. From there on, the sky is the limit.

2: Identify Trends:

Certain products are in high demand in Pakistan. Identify them and try to sell them. Try to introduce good discounts to make your product successful at first. Once you do that, you can keep on adding more products and increasing your prices intelligently. If you do an analysis, you will come to realize that online dress shopping is on the rise. Moreover, the mobile phone industry is also doing very good business online. Online grocery shopping is also on the rise due to the recent coronavirus lockdown. So right now is a great time to invest make good profits!

3: Inventory Management:

Inventory management is a very important step to make your e-commerce business successful. You must be able to keep your products safely in a secure location. Find a dedicated area to keep your products. In the beginning, you may keep the products at home. Later on, you may buy a warehouse for safe storage purposes. You can also keep your manufacturing machines in the inventory.

You must be clear about the type of e-commerce business you are diving into. There are two major types. One model involves you selling your product through an existing online e-commerce store. They will sell your products and deliver the profit to you. The other model involves a self-owned e-commerce marketplace in the form of a website.

4: Website for E-commerce Business Store:

It is preferable to have a self-owned website for your e-commerce business like this online shopping marketplace in Pakistan. What you need to do is buy a domain name and get good hosting services for your website. Register a name and install a good CMS like WordPress. You’re good to go! Be mindful of your website name extension when you buy a website. Are you going to go along with .pk or .com? Make sure to make an informed decision as this is an important phase. Moreover, make sure to buy a good domain name as it is going to set the first impression of your business. Make sure to buy hosting services from a reliable company. You will be able to enjoy long term benefits if you do so! Make sure to install SSL. An SSL shows that your website is secure and safe for usage. Your clients will be confident when using your e-commerce marketplace.

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5: Buy Professional E-Commerce Theme Only

You must buy a good quality theme for your online store. A store must not be complicated rather it must be very simple to understand. People should be able to buy with ease when purchasing from your website. Have a look at the e-commerce marketplace. It is highly simplified and

easy for everyone to understand. Remember, that your website should comply with the WCAG
guidelines. Woo-Commerce is a very useful WordPress plugin that you can use after buying a good e-commerce theme. It will make it very easy for you to manage your online e-commerce transactions. You will be able to manage your payment options easily as well.

6: Start Promotions:

Once you are done with all of the above, it is time to market your e-commerce store. Utilize social media to its maximum potential and do effective marketing. Let the prospective customers know regarding your presence. Furthermore, make sure to register your business with the government authorities. You can get a lot of business through Facebook marketing. Make sure to utilize the potential from YouTube to the maximum as well. Good product videos will your business move to the very next level! Remember, effective promotions mean good business. Put in your efforts like you mean them!


This is the right time to invest in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. People are increasingly buying from online stores than from conventional ones. Those who realize the potential will benefit greatly in the long run from their investments of today. I hope after this detailed explanation you’re all set to start your own e-commerce marketplace. Good luck!
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