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I really appreciate your effort, you are still struggling to find the best items to drop ship. I know if you are reading this article that means you are passionate about drop shipping business and looking for tips and tricks for the right choice of dropshipping products. Anyhow, in this article, you will learn the step by step process of finding the best items to drop ship. Part-01Part-02Part-03Part-05 

best items to dropship

Well, product selection is a quite difficult process. It decides your success in the drop shipping business. Without having a proper mindset and a few resources, you can’t choose the best items to drop ship. So make sure you are ready to make your mindset. Be patient and read this article till the end because all the processes are defined minutely. If you can’t understand any process, or you want to ask any question related to the best items to drop ship, then feel free to leave your comments below.

Process To Choose the best items to drop ship

Actually, according to my experiences, I have found two main methods to find the best items to drop ship. 1) Paid Method 2) Free method. Both are important according to your financial status and your available times. I will define both of them separately but before that, consider yourself what actually you are. I mean to say, If you are a financially successful person and trying to build a part-time business then paid method will be the right choice for you. In another way, if you are absolutely fresher or trying to be successful financially then the free method will be the right choice for picking the best items to drop ship.

best items to dropship

Find Best Items to Drop ship with Paid Method: Although it is a time-saving method, in the earlier stage of the drop shipping business, you will have to lose almost $100-$200 in order to find the best items to drop ship. Sometimes it takes more and sometimes it takes zero. Anyway, all you have to do, go to aliexpress and pick 21 highest selling products with 4+ reviews from 21 different categories. Make a data list of them and set up a Facebook ads campaign. Divide all the 21 products into 7 groups. Each group should contain 3 products. Invest $5 for each product. Run the ads campaign, one group for one day. After 7 days, pick 7 top selling products from the 7 groups you made. And again pick another 14 highest selling products with 4+ reviews from Aliexpress. Add both 7 & 14 products and again divide into 7 different groups. Each group contains 3 products including one previous product. That means 2 new products from aliexpress and 1 product from the 7 groups’ products you picked. Recycle the process again and again till one month. At the end of the month, you will have got 7 best items to drop ship.

Now invest $20 for each product in your Facebook ads campaign and guess what? Boom! These 7 best selling items will recover your lost money. Remember never stop finding new best items to drop ship.

You will have to manage this data list. Your chosen 7 products should last for the next one month and during this month you will have to recycle this whole process in order to find the next best items to drop ship. When you will find the next 7 best items to drop ship then compare with previous 7 products and pick 7 from the 14. Keep on recycling this process regularly and build a sustainable 6 figure drop shipping business.

The last tip for the paid method is, you should follow the trend or season while picking the products from Aliexpress. For example, if this is winter then pick hoodies items or if this is Christmas then pick Christmas gift items.

best items to dropship

Find Best Items to Drop ship with Free Method: In the drop shipping business, finding the best items to drop ship is quite difficult especially in the free method as I told in the previous part of this article. Although the free method is harder and time-consuming process than the paid method, it is secure, means risk ratio is less than the paid method. In this method, you don’t need to invest in order to experience which product is selling best. All you need to have a calculative mindset to choose the best items to drop ship. You will have to invest in order to increase your sales. The main and important thing to do in the free method is niche selection to blast your drop shipping business.

Niche Selection: Have you ever thought about any product that will make you rich? If yes then you may not on the right path. It’s not compulsory that your taste and your vision will make your customers satisfied. Always be calculative with emotions while choosing the best items to drop ship. To select your multimillion drop shipping business niche, first, you will have to decide what kind of success you expect. Do you want to build a 6 figure sustainable drop shipping business or want to do a seasonal drop shipping business?  If your expectation is the first one then you will need evergreen best items to drop ship but if your expectation is the second one then you will need hot selling best items to drop ship.

Hot Selling Products: Drop shipping business with hot selling products is a seasonal business. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes people confuse between hot selling items and the best items to drop ship. Hot selling products are the best items to drop ship but the best items are not always hot selling items.

Advantage: It has a few advantages like you can sale your drop shipping product either it is a high-quality product or low-quality product. People always crazy to buy seasonal or trending products. You can easily find hot selling best items to drop ship as well as your targeted audiences to sell.

Disadvantage: Hot selling best items to drop ship have a huge disadvantage. If you don’t have time and have financial backups then go for hot selling items otherwise not. Because hot selling items are the most popular products and almost every drop shipper trying to sell those products. That means if you are thinking to sell those items, then just prepare yourself to enter in a huge competition. Another disadvantage of hot selling best items to drop ship is those items are not stable in trend all the time. After a few weeks or months, you will have to change your niche. The success and the failure ratio will be 50:50.     

How to Find Hot Selling Products

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Finding a hot selling product is as easy as you read in the paid method section but for absolutely free. Just go to aliexpress and search in the different categories using the different filters. You can take help from Google keyword research tool for the search volume of the best items to drop ship. Put the highest searchable keywords in aliexpress and pick some best items to drop ship from there containing the highest sales volume and reviews.

Evergreen Best Items to Drop Ship

The top and difficult task in the drop shipping business is finding the evergreen best items to drop ship. Once you find it, it will be your long-term profitable product. It will be quite risky if you will not research properly but if you have done properly no one can stop to become you a millionaire.

The Advantage of Evergreen Best Items to Drop Ship

There are a lot of advantages of evergreen products. Just think about the big brand like coca-cola, McDonald, Apple, Nike, etc. What do they do? All of them have the evergreen niche as well as products. Coca-cola is famous for the Soft drink, McDonald is famous for fast food, Apple is famous for technology, and Nike is famous for footwear items. Have you ever seen that McDonald is selling footwear products or anything else? No! They only sell fast food items. People will never stop eating fast food.  That means fast foods are always will be in demand.

When you choose an evergreen niche and start selling niche products and your sales graph will be increasing day by day, the day will not be very far when your popularity will spread by word of mouth. Then the supplier of the same niche will come and offer their products to you. In a blink of a moment, your store will become a multi-store brand. In the evergreen niche, the competition will be very low. Most of the cases the products of the evergreen niche are exceptional and unique, therefore the competitor of those products in that time is almost zero and the audience is large as well. Although copy competitors will be increasing with your success but don’t worry, keep on moving forward with your best items to drop ship.    

How to Find  Evergreen Best Items to Drop Ship

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Now come to the point, how can you find the best items to drop ship which should be the evergreen product. In the previous part of this article, we discussed the free method including different types of products and its advantage-disadvantage but now we are going to explore the actual way to find evergreen products. There is two way to find evergreen best items to drop ship.

Exceptional Evergreen Best Items to Drop ship

To find exceptional products, target 3 platform which are facebook, youtube, and your local classified sites. Create an excel sheet for 3 platforms. Go to and create a profile. Join different niche groups such as classified groups, eCommerce groups. Like different eCommerce pages. Spend more than 5 hours a day for one week and find a few suppliers who are selling unique products but at a low price and should be interested in giving you their best items to drop ship. Contact them if they can ship their product worldwide or not, if yes then ask their shipping cost list etc. collect as much information as you can and fill the excel sheet with those data.

Then spend a few hours in different classified sites. Find unique suppliers and make a data list. The last but not least source is This is the only platform where you definitely can find your supplier for the best items to drop ship. Here a lot of small business owners upload their exceptional products promo. Do the same process once you find exceptional products.

Now the question is what next after finding the exceptional evergreen products?

The answer is, do some research. After picking 10-20 exceptional products, just go to & get 7 days trial for $7 and research your product’s keyword. Initially, you will need some boost in your sales, so you will have to research your products. Suppose you have found an antique design watch item to drop ship so you should know what queries your customers are putting in the search engine in order to purchase this item and what is the frequency of their queries.

When you get some historical data, use those data to determine the demand of your best items to drop ship. After that get in touch with those selected suppliers and build a relationship with them for the long term. For the security, you can bring them any platform such as or or simply deal with PayPal for the funds.

Aliexpress Products

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As I describe a little bit in the previous part about how to pick aliexpress hot and best items to drop ship but in this part, we will discuss evergreen best items to drop ship. Aliexpress is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the world. It is a cheaper, easier, and trusted eCommerce product sourcing site. Aliexpress is based on China so their exporting/shipping cost is very low. So when you pick any product just filter out with free shipping and popular countries supported. 90% of all the drop shipping businesses are operating through aliexpress products.

I think you know about the famous line “There is a cheater where is crowd”  So be careful while picking the products. Find at least 2 years old stores. Make a list of 100 suppliers on aliexpress from different categories. Visit their stores to check their products randomly. Note down each stores data. Find out which store you can cope up with. Do the same research on after picking some products. That is the process of how you can find your Best Items to Drop ship


In the end, I would like to conclude all of my explanation in a single line “Be patient and positive with calculative mindset while picking the best items to drop ship.”

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