How to build a consulting business that requires no location at all


Building a location free business sounds great, right? If you don’t go on the right path to build an online business you will probably experience a worse situation in your life. So, in this article, I am going to explain a step by step process to build a hustle free online consulting business that doesn’t require any location at all.

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Find your passion

People think that passion is all about glamors like being an actor or something like that but when the struggle behind the scene they face, their mind becomes a blur and immediately they try to bounce back to their comfort zone. The passion should be all about the things we love to do.

Don’t consider your intuitions as your passion for anything. It might be possible that multiple things you love to do. In that case, just focus on one thing that you love the most.

Think from every aspect of your selected passion and research as deeply as you can. Discover the potential of what you love to do and how others can get the maximum benefit from it. 

Make a grip on your passion

When you follow your passion, there is a lot of things that will come into your mind and inspire you to do all things. Just aware of that kind of thought and keep on doing one thing strictly.

Think positive things about your passion for at least 10 minutes a day that will keep you motivated to stay in your decision about the selection of your passion.

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Build expertise on what you do

You can’t do online business until you have expertise. Online audiences have all the way to discover any content either it is free or paid. They know the value of their time and money so, they will never invest if they will not find something that worth their time and money.

Build expertise on what people don’t know in your passionated field. Experience more and more things by doing the experiments yourself.

Learn from experts

Learning from experts may be for free or you will have to pay. It depends on your current level of expertise. There are tons of experts and trainers available on the internet who can teach you exactly what works for you in your industry.

Learning from John Spencer who is one of the most popular trainers in the training industry will be one of the best decisions in your entrepreneurship journey.

Build a channel to sell your expertise.

Now it’s time to make money! The business that I was talking about is selling your expertise to online audiences. It’s a million-dollar industry if you can get into this right away.

Depends on your industry, find out some selling channels where you can showcase your expertise to sell.

If you are just starting out then you can use udemy or similar types of platforms. Otherwise, create a website as a landing page and showcase your experience and expertise.

Create different social media accounts like facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Post your sales copy as your thought and attract your clients. 

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Hire some marketing freelancers to market your expertise. Create a strong marketing strategy and promote yourself to online audiences. 

Learn-sell and earn

Once you have built a loyal client base then you should go for the next step. The learning process never should end. Continuously grow your skillset in your field by observing, measuring and scaling up your audience.


It doesn’t matter in what level you are, you can still build a 6 figure online business through a consulting service-based business model. All you need to have passion and passion for learning, expertise and finally an open mindset.

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