5 Things you should remember while hiring a web designing company


Whether your business is local or online, a website should be one of the most important parts of your business. So, when it comes to design an attractive and converting website, you must require a professional and trusted website design company.

But, should you directly go and hire them? Wait, if you are new to deal with a web designing company then you should read this article first. In this article, we will walk through the steps you should follow to hire a web designer.

A Clear Goal Set-Up

Most of the entrepreneurs, without knowing their customers and business goal, they start looking for hiring a web designer. Calm yourself and take your time to research on your goal and target a converting audience.

Research deeply about your audience and set up a goal about how they can convert. Make a list of “call to action” materials and create a road map for the web designer where the materials should be placed. 

The structures of websites such as logo placement, brand slogan, brand messages placements, brand color, images, typography, and especially the speed of your website impact together direct to the customers’ decisions.    

Make a list of some websites that are similar to your brand and some websites that you never want to make it one of your business parts. This list will help your designer to understand what you want and what you don’t want.

So, before going to hire web designers, prepare yourself first to hire a perfect web designer. 

Types of web designing services

There are tons of web designers are available on the market in the form of freelancers, web designing firms, web designing companies, etc.

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All of them offer differently their web designing services. Some of them use relevant themes and customize them according to their clients’ needs and some of them design websites from scratch.

I recommend you to avoid to build a theme-based website until you have a very tight budget. Although theme-based websites are quite cheap but have tons of issues including heavy and unoptimized codes, don’t meet the desired looks according to the brand and so on.

I also recommend you to choose a dedicated server for your website to avoid poor server response time. Again if you have a good budget, other than you can go with the shared hosting plan.

Comparing with your budget

The budget issue may arise when you go to hire a web designer. So, explain your business goal and a little bit about your audience to the web designer. Show them a complete road map about how your website should look like.

Ask them their charges for your project and compare them with your budget. In that case, most of the entrepreneurs do mistakes by avoiding to plan proper budgeting. 

Budgeting requires for every successful venture. So, whatever your budgets, go through accordingly. 

Testing and making a decision

If you decided to hire a web designing company or a freelance service provider to design your website from scratch then you should first test their criteria by asking a few questions.

The first thing first you can ask for a resume from the individual and a portfolio from the web designing company. 

Either you can research deeply about web design and ask them accordingly or you can simply ask a few questions such as what is their best projects so that you will have an idea about them.

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Do they construct SEO friendly codes? It is the most important fact that will decide 20% of your online success. Will they use Google Maps API which is most important for local SEO?

Do they charge extra for mobile-friendly design? Do they use premium images or royalty-free images?

Conclusion: Your first step should go through with some interviews. You can concern with the SEO and a digital marketer. They may help you to understand the point of marketing. 

You can search a few more questions on the internet to clarify the deal between you and your web designer.

When you will have a hand full knowledge, you can reach out to some web designing companies and then finally choose the right person. 

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This article help me :

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