Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Bones


More often than, we see people complaining about mobility troubles and recurring joint pain. However, while making the claims on bone health, we forget about our lifestyle practices and the diet we are fueling our bodies on. All these things result in compromised bone health and, of course, aging before aging.

As a child who grew up in a family where health problems were running in genes, I was always concerned about my health, especially bone health. I accompanied my mother to a bone specialist doctor in Multan throughout my childhood who was treating her for arthritis. The day she went on biological treatment, I promised to take care of my bone health.

Dos and Don’ts of Bone Health

During all these years, I have been struggling to find the best practices to ensure good bones. Based on my expertise, here are some of the dos and don’ts of good bone health.

Dos of Healthy Bones

1- Ensure calcium-rich foods

Calcium is known as the powerhouse of bones. Eating foods rich in calcium content can help to protect your bones by preventing the calcium from leaching from your bones. Calcium-rich foods are alkaline and regulate the acidic levels of the body.

In the absence of calcium-rich foods in your body, your body leaches and releases calcium, resulting in reduced bone density, ultimately resulting in poor bone health. So, you can start consuming calcium-rich foods today to enjoy better bone health in the future.

2- Vitamins

Other than calcium, certain vitamins are essentially required for your bone health. These vitamins include vitamin C and D and are known to perform a key role in ensuring good bone health. Vitamin C plays a role in building collagen in our body, while vitamin D helps in calcium absorption to deposit it into bones.

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3- Keep moving

A passive lifestyle is one of the biggest causes of bone health problems. Your bones become strong when you use them more often. You can try exercises that engage your bones and muscles to improve your bone health. You can try weight-bearing exercises, stretching, yoga, dance forms, or any other physical activity you are interested in based upon your interest.

4- Hear what your bones are saying

No matter how much you try, there are still some bone health problems you can’t avoid. Well, you can blame your genetics for this, but this isn’t relieving the problems for your convenience. While you do everything to ensure good bone health, don’t forget the warning signs telling you what your bones are going through.

Don’ts of Bone Health

1- Relying on calcium supplements

Having a pill for your calcium requirements sounds tempting, right? Well, you can pop a calcium supplement, but you can’t solely rely on these supplements to give all the calcium your body needs. Other than that, overconsumption of calcium supplements possesses risks and harmful effects.

2- Reducing your sodium intake

Health experts claim that salt is bad for your body because it increases your risk of chronic disease. Excessive salt intake in your body adds pressure on your kidney, and a part of this cost has to be paid by your bones. Yes, it results in calcium leaching from the bones resulting in reduced bone density.

3- Unnecessary medications

You might need some medications to improve your body functions, but do you know that overconsumption of these medications can be bad for your bones. Some medicines can stop the normal growth of bone cells, while many others prevent calcium absorption in your bones. Therefore, before opting for any medication, it is necessary to talk to your physician about it.

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4- Don’t consume sugary drinks

The harmful effects of sugar are not new for anyone; from spiking your blood sugar level to interfere with your metabolism, sugar is harmful in all ways. Sugary drinks are acidic that are capable of dissolving your bones. Sugar, along with other acidic components present in these sugary drinks, is bad for you.

Bottom Line!

All these dos and don’ts of bone health can keep you safe from many bone health problems. However, if you have it in your genes or see any troubling signs and symptoms, it is recommended to go to a doctor immediately.

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