Detailed Compression of Custom Printed Folding Boxes – Past to Present

folding boxes
Folding Boxes

Folding Box – The packaging industry has advanced like any other field. Technology has advanced and they are now more advanced ways of doing things. Professionals got more experience and found out the things that customers are attracted to.

In the beginning, custom printed folding box were not as developed as they are now. Much research and knowledge have occurred in this field producing wonderful and amazing packages for products. There are even now different types of boxes that can be found. There is much quality present nowadays. By considering the past and present of folding boxes you can see the changes that have occurred.

Read on to find out more.

When was the Folding box invent?

You should know that cardboard boxes got invented in 1817. This was in England. This box included simple paperboard. It was not corrugated. Nevertheless, it was a box. It was Kellogg Cereals that helped popularize this type of box. This was in the mid-1800s. Many incarnations have occurred of cardboard boxes across time. You can even now find corrugated custom boxes.

Ways that the cardboard box evolved:

It was in 1856 that corrugated paper get patent, nevertheless employ like a liner within hats when it start existing. In 1871 the corrugated cardboard box see as a way of shipping as well as handling materials. Nowadays they are different corrugated custom boxes that companies can use to package goods in. It take about three years for a machine to develop huge quantities of the corrugated board so as to be produce,

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Developing the corrugated cardboard box that we know today. It was in 1890 that a huge innovation within the cardboard box, like pre-cut single pieces specifically of the board which was able to be fold into boxes, got invented. It was by 1895 that corrugated cardboard boxes were able to jump shores and start getting produc within America. This increase the advancement of retail packaging.

The evolution of corrugated sheets:

Corrugated sheets even evolve but has the basic principle present in mind. It is the fluted medium that is bond specifically to the liners. This is with starch adhesive. When bond this combin board will resist bending. It is the flutes that give cushioning at the time that pressure is apply from the sides as well as when place on end these develop rigid columns that can support much weight. Therefore nowadays we have stronger custom printed boxes or packaging than before.

Printing has become advanced:

Box printing on custom boxes has also become better. This is with the help of advanced printing technology. Clients can now choose 3D printing options and other wonderful unique choices to print on their custom boxes. Like the cardboard box, box printing has also been able to change.


Custom printed boxes have changed since their introduction. These boxes have now been able to become more strong. Printing on these boxes has also changed business. One can now get boxes that are really advance and look good.

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