Finding a passion that can build a business for you!


Finding passion

Finding a passion is not a big deal. But remember this article is not for those people who are looking for the secret exercise of discovering a passion for singing, acting, and dancing, etc. This article is all about business building.

Well, finding a passion for a business is not like finding any special and unique work that you love to do. It is an exceptional matter but if you want to start from scratch then you have to look around you to find your real passion. Here I mean for the finding passion is to find the scope to enhance your potential.

Looking at yourself for finding passion

  • Giving Time: – Give time to yourself. Be alone as much as possible and observe each and everything in your life that can affect your skills. Understand everything very smoothly.Finding passion
  • Observe Yourself: – Observe yourself as deeper as you can. See what can you do, I mean what skills you have! Like if you are reading this article online then it means you have internet browsing skills, you may also have computer operating skills, typing skills, interpersonal skills, etc.Finding passion
  • Making a List of Your Skills: – Make a list of the skills that you have found so far. Compare all skills to each other to find the skills which have maximum potential. Make a short list of your skills that have maximum potential.Finding passion
  • Inventing Ideas from Social Media: – Now from the primary school student to the older people all are using social media to interact with each other. So it also may be one of your skills.Finding passion
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Now it’s time to analyze your interest with respect to long-term success. Spend more time on social media not as a time killer but as a learner. Join different groups and communities. You can also join the “QA” forum to discover the business idea matching with your skills, potential, and overall current situation. Don’t go for the “get rich” scheme! If you are good at building relation then it will be your plus point. Discover the people who are doing the same thing that is already on your skill’s list or you want to do. Contact with them in a polite manner and ask for some tips from them. Compare their success story with yourself to find out which business idea will work best for you.

  • Selecting Skills to focus: – After doing some research on the skills you need to select from them. It may be one or more than one skill according to your business nature. If your business nature will be based on services then the skills will be enough from one to five only, but if your business nature will be based on physical products then there are no limited skills required. As much the skills you have as you will succeed in your business. Select those skills in which you have the proper knowledge and have great potential in the present and future.
  • Verifying Your Skills: – After selecting your skills you need to verify them one by one in order to be in the right direction. This process should be continued between one to two months only. Suppose communication is one of your skills, in order to verify, you have to go to a different social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and have to build an audience related to your business. If you build a good amount of audience and get good responses from them then it is perfect for you but if you can’t then separate a fixed time to learn audience building on a daily basis. You can put any skills of yours in the place of “communication” and apply the practical process in order to verify it.
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Long Time focus: – Think hundred times before taking any decision but once you take it, stand on it! It means you have two months before starting your business and it is enough for finding passion. After going through the whole process what we were discussing, you will have to reach for the firm intention and you will have to carry on at least two years  in order to go to the next level of your business

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