Evening Desert Safari – All in One Tour in Dubai


Save your trip from getting dull by not exposing yourself to the fun part! Especially when you are accompanied by friends and family, your inner adventurers crave it. If you are lucky enough to land in Dubai, make the best out of your holidays by visiting its paramount Arabian dunes. Evening desert safari Dubai is an eccentric landscape to discover with your people or solo. Especially when you are off to dunes right before the sunset, you get to witness its breathtaking beauty. 

There are several agencies that offer deals and packages to explore the terrain of Dubai. After seeing the blue sky through various travel companies and their itineraries, I hooked up at Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Also, I had already heard good reviews about them. 

So together we decided to grab an evening itinerary to the Arabian Desert through them. Read on to explore why the evening desert safari is called all in one odyssey in Dubai.

Getting Started with a Catholic Trip in Dubai

Pickup from the Hotel

Getting started with pickup in a land cruiser, we headed out to have a blast at the terrain. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC sent their skilled driver to pick us from our hotel in Dubai. They also offer bus services and a self-driven package of evening desert safari in Dubai to make you reach the dunes. The objective was to reach the conservation reserve before sunset. So that we could secure our plan of sunset photography during jeep maneuvers.

Desert Sightseeing and Sunset Photography

The jaw-dropping beauty of the sunset cantaloupe leaves you gratified. Absorb the serenity traveling along with you in the desert cantaloupe. The setting sun seems so calming when you observe it getting colored in its reddened hues. 

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At this very moment, capturing the scenic moments in your camera is the immediate thing to do. For this purpose, the photographer of Happy Adventures Tourism was around us. So that we could enjoy every bliss of the magical sunset. He took our candid shots, amazing silhouettes of the birds & camels, and covered the heaps in artistic portraits. This place during the sunset is more than perfect for your chic poses on the reddening heaps.

Dune bashing in Terrain Vehicles

A desert safari exposes you to enthralling activities out of which dune bashing is the most popular one. In this, a vintage off-road vehicle is maneuvered on the golden sand by a skilled driver. 

The drivers who take you across the high sand heaps are experts in their job. They not only do amazing sand stunts but also know what steps to take in emergency situations. The dune arena seems to brim with the gripping SUVs. These include hummer, land cruiser, wrangler jeeps, dune buggies, and vintage rovers. 

We had an unforgettable experience of dune bashing in a Nissan Patrol. Along with the tour operator of team Happy Adventures Tourism, we could feel the chills of a roller coaster ride on terrain.

Camel Safari – A Timeless Experience

Camel safari is a must try experience in a desert safari. Having thrilling rides in SUVs apart, a camel safari takes you to another paradise amidst the dunes. Camels are heritage animals and are considered an iconic ride of the desert. As the submerging sand won’t let you take many steps, you ultimately have to go for a camel ride. Discover the vast areas of the barren by sitting relaxed on a camel’s hump.

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A camel safari is also a medium of a timeless drive directly into the archaic Bedouin lifestyle. Get a classic nomad’s vibe by riding their royal rides.

Other Desert Sports

Other exciting terrain activities include sand skiing and quad biking. In sand skiing, the surfer maneuvers a wooden board on the grainy surface of the terrain. It requires maintaining a good balance to pace further smoothly. Surfing the powdery sand is a joyful activity and is usually opted for by teens.

Quad biking is also an enthralling dune activity. You’ll see several quad bikers hitting the high end dunes. These terrain vehicles are loaded with safety kits and you’ll be instructed on how to apply them. After getting basic training from the instructor, an adrenaline junkie can drift his quad bike like a pro.

Live Dance Performances

Being a part of an upbeat crowd is another perk of the evening expedition to the Arabian dunes. Witness the elegant portrayal of mystic Tanoura dance by the dervishes. Fire shows are performed by dauntless artists. You’ll also see belly dancers who put a lit on the stage by dancing over the traditional Arabian beats. 

The buoyant performances of the amazing artists spread a magnetic fluorescence on the barren. We enjoyed all these admirable performances while having flavorful shisha. Hookah was also provided to the guest by the welcoming hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The ecstatic shisha and the luminous show, it was utterly a shot of euphoria.

BBQ Dinner Delight

Having the luscious meal in the middle of a nomadic landscape contains a divine delight. The buffet station is embellished with various veg and non-veg dishes. From charcoal roasted lamb to lentils soup, the savory had a huge variety for all sorts of foodies. Refreshments, soft drinks, and tea were available in excess and were complimentary for the guests. So we grabbed the chance! The divine savory along with the consumption of the magical ambiance of the desert was an epic experience.

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A sunset voyage to the diverse Arabian Desert is a worth-cherishing memory for a lifetime. Your vacations in Dubai could be extremely exciting and joy-filled if you visit the desert with energetic travel partners. We made a wise decision by handing over the arrangements to Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. From pick up to drop off, the whole journey was super exotic including sand sports, entertainment gala, and dinner. Lastly, the breathtaking scenes of the reddening dunes are utterly magical!

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