Erasing mugshots/expunging negative records from the web: Is it required?


Expunging negative records/ getting the mugshots expunged is essential for the public and social reputation of a person. The individual may find repercussions in case mugshots appear on social media. Mugshots are the pictures and news of one’s arrest uploaded on various sites and the removal becomes an absolute necessity as these may be a cause of one’s social humiliation. That’s why often the prior matter of concern is how to get mugshot removed. In simple terms, the question could be whether these could be deleted from search engines. Mugshots as everyone is aware is your information of judicial arrest or police custody available on social sites. The availability of mugshots doesn’t prove you guilty but hampers your reputation adversely. 

Using the new records and modern removal facilities make it possible to delete mugshots thus removing criminal information from every website to have a clear image. Removal of mugshots means restoring your lost reputation.

Howto get mugshots removed?

Attempt self-removal:

The cheapest possible service to get them erased is the free DIY removal approach. This option can be attempted by oneself to delete the arrest reports, police records and other negative data from the search engines. The accomplishment of the same on time is tough and to prove innocence the legal documents are required.

Sending removal requests to the site owners:

Removal requests accompanied with a filled form (inclusive of all your personal information) can be sent to the owners of such sites stating your request and concerning situations and corresponding details.

Taking assistance of paid businesses:

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Certain companies assist you in the process in favor of some charges. Though the fees charged is quite high but not when compared to the social/public image. The same can be attempted by filling an opt-out statement with the respective site. These are experts in the respective field and have various tools to attempt the same or to take the mugshots that appear low on the search engines. 

Perfect trigger to the same by posting fresh content:

There is a double-edged sword of mugshots that can also be triggered by posting new and fresh positive blogs every time. Don’t forget to add your details in the tags with the blog. This will finally bury down the mugshots by dragging them on the back pages, i.e., away from SEO optimization and thus the web traffic at Google can flood with your new blogs and information.

Paying fees to the respective site:

Some experts believe that instead of engaging a third service provider one must pay the fees to the one where the mugshot appears. This is better because the others may just promise while the actual site can do the same with surety.

Removing mugshots completely is not possible but there are ways to avoid them. When these raise so many problems then one may question the need to post them. 

Mugshots help the community to know about a person’s background. With the help of the mugshots, one gets the updated about the warned or criminal people.

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