Emotions In Business to Dominate Your Products in People’s Mind


Are you aware of your emotions? Let’s use your emotions in business!

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The most successful business leaders are often experts in emotions

-Chip Conley

While you searching the qualities of a successful business leader you may found the emotions expertise is one of the most powerful qualities of a business leader

There is no rocket science for business if you utilize your emotions in business! Some people think about the business that is only making the hill of money is called business! Yes, it is but for those people who are famished for money. I hope you are not! The ultimate goal of our life is to live a peaceful life (I’m not talking about the safe zone of life) and we live a peaceful life when we achieve a peaceful mind. Maximum people create their own root to achieve their ultimate goal and follow this root for money which is wrong for 90% cases. When you set your ultimate goal of making money, you achieve but you fail to deliver what people love and from the love of people only you can achieve a peaceful mind.

If you can understand your consumers’ emotions like what they love, what they expect from a product that you provide, what their current problem is related to your products etc then you can’t imagine how much you can earn.

You may think that what the direct connection between emotions and business is! It’s normal to think but remember the only way to convince someone’s mind is to connect with them from the heart. The main principle of any business is to create a connection between the business’ products and consumers.

When you do business without understanding their emotions you have to invest in marketing/promotion but when you do business by understanding their emotions and complete needs then they promote your products on behalf you for free. This is known as words of mouth marketing. Your business will as grow as the bonding will be stronger between them.

This bonding can be defined in two different perspectives way.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional marketing

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most powerful of your ability to find out and manage your own emotions in business and the emotions of other’s people. Here are others means your stuff, the staff who are led by you. You have the responsibility to manage them correctly. But if your mind doesn’t match with them then how can you maintain them? It’s a big question! But don’t worry! You can do it!

Successful people do not do different works but they do the same work in a different way

-Shiv Khera

Now all you have to do just improve the few things like

  • Emotional self-awareness: – As a business leader you must be aware of your emotions. You have to recognize your emotions. It is very important how you act in any situation.
  • Emotional self-control: – After recognizing your emotions you have to have the control over it. Your vision should be crystal clear and you must have the control of your emotions in business.
  • Self-confidence: – Every business leader should be powerful, energetic, enthusiastic, and should have excellent self-confidence. Be always motivated by what you do.
  • Transparency: – As a business leader your character must reflect the honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity
  • Adaptability: – No one is perfect and never will be in this world. So be flexible with your attitude. Be prepared every time to change the situation accordingly. Learn from each and every one.
  • Emotions of others’:– Deeply observe your stuff’s emotions how they act in any situation. Understand their emotions with heart and soul. Find their emotions’ trigger points and control them accordingly. But it doesn’t mean controlling them by using their weak points. Always do for them what you love to do for yourself. As much you improve your emotional intelligence as they do their best for your business. And overall the benefits will go to your business.

Emotional marketing

Emotional marketing can be defined in a simple way like creating a good connection between products/brands and customers. This connection is different for different businesses. If your business products are for the different companies then your marketing strategy will be only for the company’s owner and it doesn’t take much effort but if your business products are for the public then you have to be aware of your product quality and the emotions of your consumers.

Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind for the emotional marketing

  • Turning desires into needs: – It is one of the most powerful tools of a successful company. Everyone knows the Facebook Company. Once upon a time facebooking was only a desire of people like people wish if they could contact their relative easily who’s far enough from there. But now it is possible in a jiffy! In that case, the founder of Facebook recognized people’s desire and converted it into needs. Now he is a billionaire!
  • Fulfill consumer’s needs: – Your concentration ratio should be 60% on your products and consumers, 30% on your stuff, and 10% on others. When you think about Facebook it is not only a platform to contact with each other but also a lot of activities performed by users that fulfill user’s needs. Facebook provides different services for both public and marketers.  
  • Building Trust: – Did you ever think about why the first choice of people is NOKIA when they go for purchasing a mobile phone? Everyone knows the quality of their products. People blindly trust in the quality of their products. Your product quality must be reached higher than your competitors.
  • Emotional advertisement: – People love to understand things with emotional attachments. There is a lot of research on that, people take the decision to purchase any products influenced by emotional advertisement more than the informative advertisement. So hire the influencer who can emotionally influence the people to purchase your products.

If you still have any confusion about how to utilize your emotions in business then let us know by your comments!

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