What is a Drop shipping business model and how it works?


Without having your own product doing business as a third-party retailer is known as a Dropshipping business. Well, let me explain clearly. In the Drop shipping business model you don’t need to have your own products. Only you need to have a few skills to operate the whole business. It is one of the easiest business models in the world you’ve ever thought.

From the last two years, I have been achieving different success from the different sectors of the Drop shipping business. Therefore I decided to share my experiences with you. In this article, I will share the basic concept and overview of the Drop shipping business model. And I will share the advanced techniques of doing business with a Drop shipping business model in the other article obviously.

Drop shipping business operates in 3 simple steps which I called GSD. Before starting the process of GSD, you have to set up a drop-shipping online store. If you are familiar with “IT” then it will be a great support at the beginning otherwise don’t worry it’s not a big deal. You will need to spend $100-$150 to set up the entire thing. You can just hire a developer from the freelancing platform like Fiverr or up-work to do set up A-Z on behalf you. So let start the process

G:           Get the order from the customers

S:            Submit your order to your supplier

D:            Your supplier will deliver the product to your customer

Get the order from the customers:

Getting orders from your customers is quite easy. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. When you start practicing to make an effective marketing strategy, the graph of your order will increase in the upward direction. In a simple way, you can increase your order like improving the SEO of your drop-shipping store, hiring influencers, running social media ads campaigns, etc.

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Submit your order to your supplier:

Whenever you get an order from your customers you will have to submit this order to your supplier. The question is where to find your supplier. Ok, it’s as easy as you never think. All you need a good communication skills in English. Simply visit aliexpress.com and find your supplier. That’s it!

Your supplier will deliver the product to your customer

Now it’s time for your supplier to complete the rest of the process. When you submit the order details, your supplier will deliver the product to your customer’s address.

If you are really interested in the drop shipping business then just dive into it. Don’t be late. I understand the level of a newbie so instead of worried about it just explore this business model in my other articles or you can hire someone to set up all the things for you. Solve time issues in drop shipping

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