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Welcome to the 2nd part of the drop shipping blog series. In the previous part, I explained what exactly the drop shipping business is and how people spread like a viral disease. Now in this part, I’m going to explain the history, pros, and cons of the drop shipping business. If you didn’t read the previous part then you can find herePart-01 |Part-03 |Part-04 |Part-05 

According to Wikipedia in April 1984, CompuServe launches the Electronic Mall in the USA and Canada. It is the first comprehensive electronic commerce service. In May 1989, Sequoia Data Corp. Introduced Compumarket, the first internet-based system for e-commerce and that was the starting point of the ecommerce system. After a few years, the leading and biggest e-commerce website Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. While Amazon was growing bit by bit a new e-commerce platform eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995, San Jose, California, United States. After 2 years of launching, eBay introduced a new policy that eBay seller can sell the item of others which is called dropshipping. People started selling items from Amazon to eBay.  

Drop shipping still was not going as viral as now. On April 4, 1999, Alibaba Group was founded by Jack Ma and his team in Hangzhou, China. Then the drop shipping started picking up the e-commerce industry. In 2004 Shopify was founded by Tobias Lütke and now guess what??? Boom!

Shopify was started for retailing business but when Alibaba group introduced on April 26, 2010, the whole industry became viral and now every marketer tries to dominate on Shopify-aliexpress dropshipping business.

The Pros of drop shipping business

  • Can launch without having a lot of capital To launch any startup, it needs to set up a lot of thing like purchasing inventories, dealing with shipping system, finding investors and overall taking high risk. On the other hand, you can lower the risk as well as you can operate a hassle-free business with drop shipping.
  • No need to manage inventories – With drop shipping, you do not need to handle inventories at all. To manage the inventories is like having a burden over your head. It takes a warehouse to store and managing your inventories which increases the risk of your business. So, do business with dropshipping and forget the headache.
  • Full freedom- If you don’t have time and try to run a part-time business then this business is for you. You will need only 4-5 hours a day to run this business and the rest of the time in a day you are absolutely free. But you will have to have a smartphone to get the notification of your sale and customer’s activity all day. On another side, you are absolutely hassle-free from managing inventories, dealing with the shipping system, etc.

The Cons of drop shipping business

  • Fraud suppliers- The biggest issue in drop shipping is finding trusted suppliers. No doubt in the internet world there is the same ratio of trusted and fraud activities. It will be your big challenge to find out your trusted supplier.
  • Shipping Method issues- When you shortlist your trusted suppliers some of them may allow shipping worldwide and some of them allow selected countries only. It will be also a big challenge for you to manage your sales with the shipping method, and shipping costs.
  • Lower margins- In drop shipping, you can’t offer too high price than its actual price. You have to keep in mind about shipping costs, marketing costs, store commission costs, payment gateways costs, fund transfer costs, etc. So, in the end, you will get lower margins.

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