Create a Romantic Backyard Corner


If you’ve been meaning to redecorate your backyard and create a special place you and your partner can enjoy when you want to have at-home romantic dates, here is an idea. Creating a cosy romantic backyard corner is a beautiful way to redecorate your garden and turn it into a special place you and your loved one will love spending time in.

Allow roses to ramble

What’s that one thing that we instantly associate with romance and a nice evening out with a loved one? Without a doubt, a lot of us immediately think of roses. If you want to bring in that romantic atmosphere into your backyard, letting the roses ramble in the corner of your private and cosy backyard will do the trick. You can set them against the neat lines of your backyard fence and pair them up with some lovely lavender to complete the look. The scent will be absolutely divine and you will create a romantic little corner surrounded by flowers where you can have dinner dates with your partner.

Bring the indoors out

If you want to make your backyard feel as cosy as your living room, there is a way for you to bring the indoors out. You can turn your patio into a warm little corner where you can snuggle up with your partner and enjoy some romantic evenings by the fire and with a glass of wine in your hand. Start by using climbing ivy, cosy furniture, and romantic lanterns to create a private little space where you can relax and spend warm evenings with your loved one.

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Paint woodwork

One of the best ways to bring some colour into your backyard and make it look more lively and romantic is if you paint your woodwork. Use a cheerful colour for your wooden fences to create an amazing background for other decorations and flowers that can be set on top of the fence. Warm red shades as well as soft green ones are perfect for creating that lively yet cosy backdrop for some backyard planting.

Choose romantic blooms

When you decide to make a small garden full of lovely and colourful flowers, think about what atmosphere you’re aiming to achieve. If you want to create a romantic corner in your backyard, choose the flowers that will nicely complement that theme. For instance, roses, peonies, and foxgloves are some of the most beautiful and romantic flowers you can pick for your romantic getaway in your backyard. They will look stunning against that fence backdrop you created and will make any dry-stone wall look pretty and delightful.

Create a secret garden

If you want to go for a whimsical and fairy-tale vibe, creating a secret garden is the best idea you can opt for. Creating a romantic corner in your backyard is all about designing that perfect private and cosy spot that you and your partner get to enjoy on your own. You can start by using a lovely rustic woodwork to separate the area and then painting it in soft and warm colours of your choice. Once you pick the flowers that will go into your secret garden, make sure to take care of them well. For this DIY project you will need some of the basic gardening equipment such as gardening gloves, a rake, a shovel, a high-quality garden hose, and so on.

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Add layers of bold colour

If using softer tones is not your cup of tea, you can go for the complete opposite and choose bold and vibrant colours for your backyard. After all, you should choose the colours that you associate with love and romance, whatever those colours may be for you. You can paint the walls in vibrant red shades or you can choose wild flowers that simply radiate that energy of intense passion and romance. Whatever you choose for you plants, just try to keep the structure of your backyard in mind. For instance, if you have a smaller backyard, combine some vertical gardening with your regular flower beds to create more space for your plants.

Carve out a quiet corner

Create a quiet corner that you and your partner can enjoy together when you want to have some time for yourself. Whether it’s a romantic bench underneath a tree or a hidden spot on your patio where you can snuggle up and watch the stars at night, find a spot where you feel comfortable and cosy and turn it into your own special place.

Cover wooden fencing

Lastly, you can use trailing plants to cover your wooden fences and create a lovely romantic feel to your garden. Not only will this make your garden look like it came straight out of a fairy tale, but it’s also great for noise cancelling and creating a peaceful and quiet space.


All in all, no matter what tips and ideas you choose to implement, make sure to tailor your romantic backyard corner according to your ideal image of cosy and romantic spot in the backyard.

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