How to post classified ads on the top 30 amazing classified sites


Advertising on classified sites is the most popular and effective way to promote/sell your local businesses, products or services. Some classified sites are paid and some are free.

There are hundreds of classified sites available on the internet. In this post, you will find the top 30 classified sites list that prefers most of the advertising companies.

classified sites to post classified ads

To post your classified ads on those classified sites effectively, you will have to follow some techniques. Most of the classified sites require a few things like your ad’s title, description, images, contact info, etc.

Most of the people who don’t know about marketing, they just go to the classified sites and enter their classified ads info and post there, that’s it. Believe me, it will not profit you if you are doing business.

It might be suitable for those who are promoting or selling their personal products.

If you are doing business and continuously trying to promote or sell your product through classified sites then you must have the knowledge of optimization.

Almost every classified sites have their own search engine. Don’t worry, I am not recommending you to be master on it until your target to do SEO as a service. Just learn the basics.

Every day millions of people are putting their classified ads so why classified sites’ search engines rank your products or services on top!

Every search engine has a basic principle which is meta content preferences, in the sense, your classified ads title and description optimization.

To rank higher, you will have to optimize your meta content. I can suggest you to use 2 tools to optimize your meta content. Number one is Headline analyzer which will help you to understand the effect of your product titles on the people’s mind.

Marketing is all about finding the psychological trigger point in a positive way. So write your classified ads title as effective as you can.

Now the 2nd one is Keyword Planner. If you hear this tool name the first time then you should learn first from Youtube yourself then research keywords for your product or services then implement those keywords in your classified ads title and description.

Remember when you add any keyword in your classified ads title and description, you should also add this keyword in your image name as well as add a geolocation tag through this website  It’s very important for your long term business. Now the question is what it means about long term business?

Well, actually, if you have multiple products, in the sense if you are changing your products categories even industries frequently, then these tips are not for you.

You can just optimize your title and post your classified ads. But if you have fixed products or services to sell then you must have to follow these tricks in order to get long term success.

What happens when you follow these rules? When you follow these rules, every search engine will like your post and will give your product on top priority.

As high your products will rank as much you can generate sales. It’s a slow process but when you ranked it will stay for a long time.

Top Classified Sites

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FreeAds UK
ABW Classified
Classified Factor

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Mahmoud AB
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This article help me :

It is worthwhile reading this blog. I was searching such kind of blog for a long time but now I think I got a blog of my interest. I am thankful for all the suggestions mentioned in this blog.

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