What Are Some Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and Their Treatment Options


To know the cause of low back pain, you have to consult a doctor. There can be multiple causes for this pain. This pain can be due to poor posture or because of the long hours of inactivity. Many people have certain deficiencies in supplements and nutrients that cause pain in the body, including back pain as well. The treatment options for this pain will depend upon the reason for the injury. There can be any underlying medical condition that is showing the symptom of back pain. A complete diagnosis is important for taking the right measures. Following article will explain to you some of the most common causes of lower back pain and their treatment options. 

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Following are some of the common causes for lower back pain: 


Sciatica is the most dominant cause of lower back pain. It is caused by a herniated disc that impinges the sciatic nerve. Every time this happens, the person experiences shooting pain from lower back pain to the leg. Patients often described this pain as the pain, just like someone is pinching them with needles. Burning sensations in the lower back can also be due to sciatica.  


Weight of the women increases when they are expecting. This increased weight can also lead to the change of the center of gravity of the body. Once this happens, the posture of the expecting woman also gets affected. They experience pressure on the lower back and complain about the pain. This pain is normal but needs attention and treatment.  

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It is one of the most common causes of pain in the lower back. Strain can be caused due to any injury. This strain can show itself in different forms. There can be a sprained muscle or ligament in your lower back that is causing the pain. Increased muscle tension can also lead to a stiff back that will cause severe pain. Many people who are suffering from poor postures have this common complaint. People suffer from these sprains usually because of lifting a heavyweight. Any abrupt or awkward movement in which the alignment of the body is getting affected will lead to a sprain. 

Disc Injury

Discs in our backbone are vulnerable to injury. They are sensitive and important for maintaining the integrity of our spinal cord. If someone who is old or does not have a healthy body weight makes an inappropriate movement, the disc will be injured. The disc injury starts an excruciating pain in your lower back pain. There is another common cause where people complain about severe lower back pain, known as a herniated disc. This ruptured disc can lead to further issues as well. 

Abnormal Spinal Curvatures

People who work in offices with poor posture are mostly subjected to this pain. If they have a job that demands to be seated for long hours, they will develop abnormal spinal curvature. Some people have abnormal spinal curvatures from birth. These curvatures can be genetic or acquired. A poor posture will add to these problems. Pressure on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles can cause these curvatures. A poor posture can also create breathing difficulties. These curvatures can be seen during pregnancy as well. 

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Treatment Options

There are a variety of treatment options for getting rid of lower back pain. These treatment options will be applicable only if you have consulted the doctors. They will recommend the best treatment option according to your issue. Following are some of the most commonly used treatment methods for the recovery of back pain. 

Physical Therapy

If you have a bad posture or you are suffering from a muscle spasm or strain, you need to consult a physiotherapist. They will guide you about the proper posture at your workplace and will help you in getting in shape. The acquired abnormal spinal curvatures are also cured by physiotherapy. For pain relief and effective therapies, they also use high-tech modalities.

These modalities include the use of ultrasound, laser, and TENS. You may have to visit the physiotherapists for some sessions. It depends upon the condition of the lower back and the rate at which it is recovering. Strength training exercises and the application of cold and hot packs will help in healing the muscles at a faster rate. Massage therapies and spinal manipulations will also help in reducing the pain. 


There are many medicines for treating the pain in lower back pain. If you are experiencing excruciating pain, you should immediately seek medical help. Doctors will recommend you some over-the-counter medications to provide some relief from the pain. You should not take any medicine without the recommendation of a doctor. It can increase different health risks and reduce the chances of recovery.

For back pain and conditions related to it, doctors usually recommend muscles relaxants. These medications will help in releasing the tension from the stiff, strained, and tensed muscles. For excessive pain, doctors give multiple non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If inflammation is also present, you will be prescribed corticosteroid injections. 

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For severe cases where there is no option left, doctors will go for surgery. This usually happens if the underlying cause for your back pain revolves around a disc slip or an abnormal spinal curvature. Cancer sometimes also represents itself in the form of extreme lower back pain. Any neurological loss of the spine will also demand immediate surgery.

The cause of low back pain includes poor posture. There are many other causes for this pain, including disc pain, injury to muscles of the back, and sciatica. People with congenital abnormal spinal curvature and muscle strains also complain about this pain. It is important to get yourself checked thoroughly by a doctor to get proper treatment. Most common treatment options for back pain include surgery, medications, and regular physiotherapy sessions. 

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