Coinbase vs Blockchain : What are the differences?


Bitcoin has piqued the interest of millions of people all over the world. Many people are now engaging in cryptocurrency trading, and many more are preparing to do so soon.

So there’s one question that everybody has:

What is the best Bitcoin wallet to use?

There are several options on the market, but two are now leading the pack with value-added services built on top of the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin is a digital or electronic currency that is available in the form of cryptocurrencies. The prevalence of cryptocurrencies is growing by the day. It is mostly used as a payment processor in the corporate world. It employs peer-to-peer payments technology and has very low processing fees. If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading and have the question, “Coinbase vs Blockchain Wallet?” on your mind, we’re here to help.

Now that you are reading this, you clearly know how important Blockchain is becoming day by day. So what are you waiting for? Get your blockchain certification course already and get started already.

Wallet selection

Choosing a wallet is a crucial decision. However, when choosing a wallet, we must ensure that the bitcoin we have deposited can be kept safe and stable. We must also be sure that the wallet we use is compliant with our Android device, iPhone, and hardware wallets.

Hardware Wallets (Best For Protection): When comparing all Bitcoin wallets for security, hardware Wallets come out on top. 

Bitcoin wallets

A wallet is a piece of software or an application that is used to store bitcoins. It allows for safe bitcoin storage and hence is referred to as a ‘Bitcoin wallet.’ It protects private keys, which are needed for storing bitcoins. The Bitcoin wallet, a highly protected device, was the first bitcoin application discovered by cell phone use.

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Why do you need Bitcoin wallets?

To swap bitcoin transactions, you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. It states that bitcoin payments should either be submitted or collected via bitcoin wallets. Generally, to make bitcoin transfers, users must first build, download, or purchase a bitcoin wallet.

Now here comes the question- which is better, Blockchain or coin base wallet?

What is a BlockChain Wallet?

One of the most well-known wallets for bitcoin storage is the BlockChain platform. It is the world’s most popular digital asset portal. It uses a timestamp to keep track of the blocks or organized data. Any new block maintains a link with the previous block, preventing any changes to the database’s records. It is entirely built on peer-to-peer technologies and is highly stable.

Wallets of this kind are used to conduct almost 100 million transactions a year all around the world. It’s a common platform for verifying bitcoin transfers and executing them. It supports many countries and platforms, as well as being simple to use. It’s also available as a smartphone or laptop download.

Satoshi Nakamoto launched this service in 2011.

BlockChain wallet has the following features:

Simplicity: It simplifies bitcoin use and allows for quick bitcoin transfers anywhere in the world.

Protection and Safety: With the assistance of a security centre, all bitcoin transactions are safe and stable. This centre is in charge of backing up funds as well as preventing unwanted entry.

It has a team that provides advice and assistance to all of its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cross-platform: It has apps for IOS, Windows, and Android, allowing users to access their wallets from any smartphone at any time.

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Sophistication: It has a complex scheme of miscellaneous transaction charges.

It is a global marketplace of exchange rates for more than 20 different currency types.

What is Coinbase Wallet

CoinBase is a website that allows users to sell and purchase (trading) digital currency such as Bitcoins. Coinbase allows trading and transactions for a variety of ordinary coins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and a few others, in addition to Bitcoins.

Coinbase is one of the oldest wallet services founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California. Brian Armstrong is the platform’s founder as well as its CEO.

Coinbase wallet has the following features.

Security: It provides encrypted offline storage of digital assets (nearly 98 per cent), ensuring that bitcoins are secured from misuse or robbery.

CoinBase wallets are cross-platform, meaning they can be used on iPhone and Android apps.

It contains multi-signature wallets that have complete control over the private keys used.

Insurance: It has a range of insurance plans for the digital currency or bitcoins it has on hand.

Instant trading features: Users can automatically swap their local currency for digital currencies (bitcoins). It ensures that consumers will be able to complete transfers in real-time.

Coinbase Wallet vs BlockChain Wallet:

Both the BlockChain and CoinBase wallets provide their own set of benefits and drawbacks. CoinBase, though, is the most recommended wallet for bitcoin storage as compared to BlockChain. The explanation for this is that CoinBase was ranked first, while BlockChain was ranked second, based on the merits and demerits mentioned below:

Coinbase maintains cold storage with 98 per cent or more of its customers’ cryptocurrencies.

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Coinbase insures commercial criminals for a total balance larger than the worth of cryptocurrency in their online vault.

Users can purchase, sell, and share cryptocurrency on Coinbase, and users can even buy and exchange cryptocurrency on Blockchain.

CoinBase has merchant services, but BlockChain does not.

It is possible to connect a bank account to CoinBase, but not to BlockChain.

BlockChain allows you to access your private keys.

Users of CoinBase can send payments by email, while BlockChain users do not.

Wrapping up

Selecting a blockchain wallet is a vital challenge, and you must select one that can guarantee that the cryptocurrencies you have invested in are kept safely and securely. Both CoinBase and BlockChain have their own set of advantages, but choosing which wallet to use is a personal decision. If you are a crypto wallet newbie, you can start with CoinBase because it is easy to use and provides two-factor authentication. You can also store alternate coins like Ether and Litecoin on Coinbase. Ethereum Classic was introduced to the CoinBase website in 2018. If you just plan to use bitcoin transfers without the use of a bank, on the other hand, Blockchain would be the best choice for you.

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