How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Payment Gateway Integration


I hope you are all familiar with payment gateway integration about what it is! Well, if you don’t know what it is then let me explain in short. Actually, a payment gateway is software that facilitates the communication of online payment transaction information, and payment gateway integration is the process to add this software to your online store. There are a lot of companies that provide this service. But they require a lot of terms and conditions to get their service. It’s too hard for the start-up business owner, especially those who have small budgets but not for the US business owners. Who live out of USA, they face a lot of problems to integrate payment gateway to their online store. In this article, I will cover the major problems that usually people face.


Different companies allow different criteria for the eligibility of your business to them. Here below I sum up the common eligibility to get approved for the payment gateway integration.

  • All kinds of free domain or hosting sites are prohibited
  • Adult entertainment contents are not allowed
  • Weapons selling sites are not allowed
  • Tobacco Products selling sites are not allowed

These are common but not least. You should read from their FAQ section. Although these are not allowed, but still some companies allow them. But the problem is the combination of not supporting countries and products as well. Some companies may allow your products but not support your country where you live or operate your business. And some companies may support your country but not allow your products so you should find the right company yourself which supports both your products and your country as well.

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 Requirements to get approved:

There is a couple of things that you may require for the verification of your business for payment gateway integration.

  • Business Name and Address
  • Registration documents & taxation information (optional)
  • Utility bill copy for address verification
  • Supplier details if you are a drop-shipper or retailer

Here is the biggest problem for the retailer or drop-shipping business owner for the payment gateway integration which is business verification. If you are from out of USA, UK, CA or AU then you might face a lot of problems but don’t worry, still, you can, because I live in out of those countries but still I’m doing drop-shipping business with my own Shopify drop-shipping online store. Here are a few problems you’ve already faced or will.

Problem with Registration documents & taxation information

They ask business registration details. Although you have registered your company in your country, but, they consider your company not a registered company if your company registered as a retail business. I personally lost my $1500 for the different kinds of registration of my business as a retailer in my country. Every time “2checkout” reject my documents. After a few months, I was realizing that I’m going to fail in my business. But one of my US friends suggested me to register my business in the USA through LLC. Finally, I registered my business in the USA and they approved my company for the payment gateway integration. The fees for the LLC are very cheap I think so. For me, it took $650 to register. There are a lot of companies on the internet who provide the services for the LLC only for $125-$800.

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Problem with Supplier details

In my personal experiences, I’ve never seen any supplier who supports their new customers in any way until they buy something from them. So it’s psychology which you have to understand. On the internet, you may find a lot of articles or video tutorials where they are telling just go to and message the supplier asking their details such as transaction details, fresh images of their products, and the agreement letter, etc. Believe me, if you are thinking to do that kind of thing, you are going to waste your time totally. No one going to respond to you. Although some suppliers will reply by saying “Hey, we are happy to do business with you. You can take our product images from the listings and we do not provide any agreement. Let’s do business together. Thanks”

Initially, you will have to invest $50-$100 to purchase their products. Remember one thing if your online store is niche based and you target any specific country then your order detail should be added with this country address. It’s necessary because when you take the screenshot of your transaction page and submit for the payment gateway approval then they check this address. Purchase your niche related products. Instead of buying $100 products together, buy each product in a separate time and each time of purchasing, contact the supplier and make a long conversation about your business. During purchasing and conversation make an effective offer for your supplier which may not sound fake or useless. And then ask for an agreement.

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