Aimpoint vs LPVO – A Comparison


If your job requires you to deal with Weapons or you are just a weapon fanatic, then you must look for the best lpvo scopes available on the market! 

It is very important that you choose the right kind of Optical sights for your weapon. Choosing a Scope for your weapon is highly important as upgrading your weapon with a scope is going to make it better. Moreover, it will also make you a better shooter. 

The reason behind the above-mentioned features is simple. When a person aims through the sites, it gets considerably easier for them to aim and take precise shots.

With a scope, your shooting ability gets more efficient. Moreover, you happen to be more protected as you have more control over your shooting skills. 

Now, since we are on the topic of choosing a scope for a weapon, there are many options available. Seeing that so many options are viable, it becomes hard for a user to put a finger on a single option. N

ow, it gets down to the best two options available: LPVO or Aimpoint. We are going to be discussing both of them below so that you are able to choose the best one for you. 

Aimpoint Scopes

Aimpoint scopes are commonly known as Red dot Sights. When it comes to Red dot sights, the shooter is usually going to be looking down the sights to find a red dot in the middle of the aim.

A lot of people consider Red Dot sights to be the perfect option. Moreover, Red Dot sights have been on the market for quite some time now. 

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Considering the functionality that they have to offer, they get chosen over other kinds of scopes as well.

Many people consider them to be one of the best because these scopes happen to be highly quick. Since they are rather quick, many people use them when going hunting or when they need to shoot accurately in close-range Combats.

However, the Aimpoint scopes don’t do much of a good job when it comes to long-range combat. Aimpoint scopes don’t have much to offer in terms of magnification.

This is a pointing disadvantage if you decide to go with RDS. Shooting over long-range equipped with a red dot sight is going to require a lot of skill and professionalism. To simply put, it is not going to be easy at all. 

Having said that, If you want to dominate your opponents in close-range combat, then RDS is a better-suited option for you. 

What is an LPVO Scope?

Low powered Variable optics, otherwise known as LPVO scopes are a better part of Red Dot Sights. LPVO scopes come with different magnification ranges. However, commonly, they come with a zoom range of x1 to x6. 

Considering their variable magnification ability, the LPVO scopes happen to be a far more considerable choice as compared to the Red Dot sights.

When you choose to go with an LPVO scope, the biggest benefit you gain is that you will be able to aim afar. 

You will be able to aim afar. The ability to aim afar is going to fix the element of compromise that we see in the red dot sights.

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Moreover, they come with tons of other features including their durability. LPVO scopes happen to be highly durable than most of the scopes out there. That includes the red dot sights as well. 

However, there is a downside to using the LPVO scopes as well. LPVO scopes are powered by a battery.

Regardless of the fact That LPVO scopes consume far much less power, if you go with them, you will need to change the batteries. 

Depending on your use, you will need to change the battery of your scope every year or a half. 


When it comes to shooting, having scopes happen to be one of the most important accessories. Having a scope can put you at a huge advantage and is also likely to make you a better shooter. 

With that being said, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the scope for your weapon. This article sees a comparison between two of the best scopes that there are available for a rifle. 

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