Affiliate Business Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!


Trying to make money while you sleeping? Why not, every human try to build a passive income process! It’s a dream of human nature, right?

Ok, but do you know how to build a passive income process? Read till the end, I will blow your mind with the knowledge of how to build a successful affiliate business. (Don’t be confuse with affiliate business and affiliate marketing, both are the same!)

Well, in order to get into the whole process of affiliate business, you should know first, about what is affiliate marketing. To tell the truth, building a passive income funnel is not as easy as you have found so far on the internet. If you are looking for quick get rich scheme type of income process then SORRY..! You can skip this article; this article is not for you..! In this article, you will be guided about how to get long-term success with the affiliate business.

What is an Affiliate Business?

Well, it is a kind of digital marketing where you have to get affiliated with someone’s product or offering affiliation of your products to someone. If you have any product then you can offer to someone to promote your products and it’s commission based but if you don’t have then simply you have to get affiliated to make money. But the question is how to make money? Well, it is a revenue-sharing business. When you promote someone’s products through affiliate links the owner of the product gives you a commission when they make sell to their customers coming from your affiliate link.

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Setting up Affiliate Business

Now it’s time to set up your business. All you need to have a computer, internet connection and the most important thing your time, that’s it! Let start the process step by step to set up your brand new affiliate business.

Email Accounts: – You will need at least 10 verified email accounts in order to create Facebook accounts.  All accounts should fake, and must look like female’s accounts. All data must be of females like the profile picture, name, etc. also create a real account for registering yourself to the affiliate program.

Affiliate Business

Affiliate Programs: – You can join the different affiliate networks like click bank, Commission Junction (CJ) or any other affiliate network simply register there and choose the best products that you can sell for the long term.

You can make money with amazon affiliate which is very user friendly as well as effective. You will not have to struggle to introduce a new brand. All you need to recommend the right products to the right audience. One thing I would like to recommend you to be always in 4 niches which are Health, Wealth, Love and Hobby. These are the 4 crazy niches and people are always interested in these. Select one of them and get the affiliate links from there.

Facebook Accounts: – Create multiple accounts for at least 10. And also create a safe account to operate your business. All you have to do create a page and a group with a safe account and promote your group and page bye the other 10 accounts.

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Affiliate Business

Promote Your Affiliate Business

We can divide the affiliate business promotion into two sections like promoting your business profile and your affiliate products. Both are different but both are important for your affiliate business. Now how can we promote both separately? Well, let start..!

Profile Promotions: – After creating a Facebook page and a group you will need to promote in public. There are two ways to promote your Facebook business page. One is paid and another is organic promotions. In the beginning, you should go for free organic promotions. In order to optimize your business page to appear in the organic search result, write a business description by implementing different keywords. Share your business page to a different group once a day by using 10 different accounts.

Products Promotions: – After taking the affiliate links you will have to post on your page. The post must carry at least 100 words with keywords optimized and affiliate links. Use keywords in a hashtag like #onlinemarketing etc. Share your products post on different groups.

Group: – The most important part is audience building through your own created group. You have to be active at least 8-12 hours a day in the beginning. Post different informative content related to your niche. Use different online free tools like Canva, Infogram, Piktochart, etc, to create infographics. Share those infographics in your group. Pin your page to the top of the timeline of your group.

All the process can complete within a month so you may generate your first sell within a month but if you couldn’t make your first sale within a month then don’t give up keep on trying for the next, next and next!

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