About us

The world is small but the challenge is big for everyone to survive. Everyone try to succeed but the few one reaches to their goal. Either the success is big or small, doesn’t matter, the matter is you succeed. Everyone has different definition for the success, being entrepreneurs we think that going through the right path is success.

We are the team to share ideas, tips and tricks for the business you do. BusiTips founded 12th  December, 2017. Since then we are growing bit by bit. We are from commerce background so we do different business as well as try to help out those people who is seeking for help. We are 5 members team and everyone belongs from different businesses.

Our Mission

BusiTips has a mission to be one of the great resource for the people who are in their beginning stage of their businesses. The source will be based on yours opinions and feedback. In future we are going to set up a survey about what you exactly want to learn in business. Each and every opinion will be appreciated and we will try our best. When we succeed to build 1M monthly readers’ community, we will launch new features that you will recommend in your feedback.  


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