8 Reasons as to why Escape Rooms are the first choice for kids


There is always a question in the minds of all the parents – are Escape Rooms safe for the kids? Some of them feel that since some themes in the Escape Rooms are scary and intimidating it may not be safer for the kids. Escape rooms are mostly recommended for the kids who are above twelve years, but some of the Escape rooms also allow children below twelve with one rule that they have to be accompanied by at least one elder.

Escape Rooms are a common spot for school excursions these days. Although Escape Rooms are fun and unique experiences for the kids, they can also be highly educational. Through them, kids develop essential skills like team working, problem solving and communication. Escape rooms can also have themes related to kids’ curriculum that will make their tasks more enjoyable and also educational.

Escape rooms were primarily built for conducting team building activities for the corporate companies, but now they have become a spot where family members also get together for fun. Nowadays people hold birthday parties and even proposals that are arranged for in the escape room venues. Escape rooms are also one of the most popular spots among the kids. These rooms have themes and topics that are loved by kids. Since these are designed according to their interests, the kids also enjoy to their heart’s content.

Some of us feel as to why kids love Escape Room games so much, what is their reason to always choose escape rooms as their fun spot? Let’s see some of the reasons as to why kids love Escape rooms.

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1) They walk into a different world

The most attractive part of the Escape rooms is the setting. The settings are so accurate that as soon as they enter the room their face is filled with a surprised expression. They have an expression of joy on their faces. Other than the setting of the escape room, the ambience also has an effect on them. Some of the themes that are mostly chosen for kids are adventures, voyages, magical worlds etc. which will transport them to a whole new world.

2) Fun challenges and Puzzles

Escape rooms are very popular for their puzzles. The puzzles are the heart and soul for an escape room to run successfully. There are puzzles that are sometimes difficult to solve by the kids alone, and there are some puzzles that are very tricky. So while trying to solve these puzzles they use their problem solving skills and work together with other team members to successfully complete the puzzles and win the game. it is a win and win situation for both parents as well as the kids.

3) Different Props in different Rooms

In most of the escape rooms, there are different props for solving different puzzles. The props used in the escape rooms are innovative like defusing a bomb, magical items that have to be counted etc. each theme has its own share of enjoyment.

The props that are used for one task are unique from those which are used for previous tasks. Sometimes there are props that are used until the end of the game, and sometimes there is one prop for each and every task of the game. There are escape rooms that provide the same type of props to the entire team, and they can wear it until the end of the game. These common props are usually things like hats and scarfs.

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4) Makes them feel smarter

From a psychological point of view, escape rooms are one of the best places to boost your confidence. While playing the game and solving the puzzle the kids feel that they had a big role in their team winning. While playing the escape room game with your kids, the parents must make sure that they encourage and praise their kids after they find out each and every clue. The encouragement and the appreciation from the parents can also increase the confidence level in the kids.

5) You can have the best family time

Nowadays parents are so busy with their office work that they hardly have any time for their kids. Escape Rooms are the best options when compared to movies or restaurants. In the escape room you can bond with your kids even strongly, and kids will also have ample time with their parents.

When playing the escape room game, your child is away from the mobiles and laptops that are the sole means of their enjoyment. While playing the escape room game the kids forget about their phones and their entire concentration is on finishing the game on time so that they get praised by their parents.

6) Learning becomes fun

One of the reasons why children love to go to escape rooms is because escape rooms make learning even more fun. It is a fact that children tend to learn more through outside activities rather than the classroom lessons. Escape room is one such place where the kids can acquire more information than what they get in class, because in class you can only imagine, but here in escape room you can you can visually see what you imagined.

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Escape rooms provide a perfect opportunity for your kids to do something interactive, fun and skill building.

7) Promotes interests in multiple areas 

Kids get to know about their strengths and weaknesses while playing this escape room game. There are escape rooms who support the curriculums to increase the interests of the kids. There are some of the topics or subjects that grab the interests of the kids and they get to know about their interests towards that particular subject.

8) Math and English can become your favorite 

Mathematics and English are favorite subjects of hardly any kids. But playing Escape room games can make both math and English interesting. It is one of the brilliant places that can improve both your math and English skills. A handful of math puzzles and English riddles is what makes the escape room games good.

These are some of the reasons that make the kids love Escape room.

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