6 Reasons Why Car Decals are the Most Underrated Branding Tools for Small Businesses


Once businesses establish a core set of values, they must publicize those beliefs to customers and employees. The aim isn’t to “push” or “sell” those brand values. The aim is to inform others about the brand values that accurately describe the business culture.

For large and small-scale businesses, their overall marketing budgets determine the size/reach of their promotional campaigns. How can small-scale businesses share their brand values with employees and target customers in a cost-effective way?

By using low-cost marketing tools! Low-cost marketing tools like branded T-shirts, mugs, and car decals are ideal for small businesses. Business owners can customize these tools, print their brands’ core values, and generate awareness.

Vehicle decals, in particular, are amazing marketing tools for small-scale businesses. Here are six reasons why these promotional tools are vital for small-scale businesses –

Chance for Massive Exposure

Although custom decals don’t cost too much, they can give brands amazing exposure. Just in the US, 100+ million people hit the road every day. Each commute lasts at least 45-60 minutes. That’s plenty of time for them to look at attractive decals on business vehicles.

Savvy business owners apply their customized decals on multiple vehicles and target the busiest roads. Small businesses can benefit a lot from local exposure. If all the roads near your store are full of vehicles featuring your branded decals – brand exposure is certain!

Advertise in Multiple Spots

Auto decals are mobile branding tools. Once plastered on company vehicles, they can be taken to multiple locations. Business owners can essentially carry their ads wherever their company vehicles go. Advertising on wheels means your brand name will be noticed by pedestrians!

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Budget-Friendly and Diverse Marketing Tool

Modern-day auto decals are highly cost-efficient and customizable. Businesses can get the exact shapes/sizes they want from their decal sellers. Create downscaled versions of your auto decals to place them on scooters, bikes, etc.

Create upscaled auto decals featuring attractive graphics to install on large trucks or busses. Either way – business owners receive several sizes and design customization options when they shop for customizable auto decals.

Print High-Resolution Images on Your Auto Decals to Attract Customers

Well-designed, colorful auto decals give brands the most advertising impact. The latest auto decals come with various design customization options. Marketers can load their decals with high-resolution graphics to make their company vehicles stand out.

Braina proces visuals 60,000+ times faster than text/words. Printing appealing graphics on your auto decals can easily attract many eyes to your brand.

Provide Additional Safety to Your Company Vehicles’ Glass Windows

Auto decals make cars safer. These vinyl or PVC stickers reinforce the glass. Even when car window glasses break, the decal’s adhesives keep the glass shards together.

Great ROI

Using auto decals as marketing tools is a safe strategy. Car decals are inexpensive and last for years without picking up too much damage. This durability makes auto decals highly cost-efficient marketing tools. A good ROI is guaranteed when you buy high-quality auto decals.

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Ready to generate awareness about your brand in your local market? Cover your company vehicles with high-quality auto decals now!

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