4 Things You Can Do on Your Computer with the Latest Windows 11!


The new Windows 11 is set to release on October 5th, 2021. The new Windows is a breath of fresh air, with a number of modern and sleek features that are going to make our computers, laptops, and tablets much more organized and productive. Here are 4 new features you can make the most of with Windows 11. 

4 Things You Can Do on Your Computer with the Latest Windows 11!

  1. Android Apps — Complete Entertainment on Your Computer 

You will be able to find apps like TikTok and Netflix on your computer with Windows 11. These apps will be available on the Microsoft Store. The store was available on Windows 10 as well, but the availability of the apps was very limited and not many were compatible. 

With Windows 11, anyone with a PC or laptop can download and enjoy Android apps. You can set up your desktop and arrange the apps on the taskbar as well as the start menu. Make note of the fact that these apps will not be the same as you find on the Google Play Store, so the options will vary. For now, the Microsoft Store is expected to have over 50,000 paid and free apps. 

  1. Microsoft Teams — Up and Ready For Everyday Use

Microsoft Teams is a virtual business communication platform. It is very much like other platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet. Microsoft Teams has gained a lot of popularity and importance among users ever since the pandemic hit us and virtual meetings became an everyday thing. To make life easier, Microsoft 11 comes with built-in Microsoft Teams. You will not have to use the software separately, and can just tap on the Microsoft Teams icon on the taskbar to access it conveniently. As long as you are connected to an internet service like Mediacom, you can connect to any Teams user from any platform, including Windows and MacOS. 

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  1. Snap Layout — Multitasking Made Easy

Ever wished there was an easier way to have all your multiple windows open altogether for easy viewing? If you are a multitasker or need to work on 2 windows at the same time, then the Snap Layout feature will save the day for you. This Windows 11 feature will let you arrange multiple windows on your computer on one screen or display. You will be able to save those windows in the layout you arranged, so there is no mess or hassle at all. 

  1. Multiple Virtual Desktops — Stay Organized 

Ever felt like your desktop was cluttered with different windows and tasks? The Multiple Virtual Desktops feature on Windows 11 will allow you to open separate desktops on 1 computer. These virtual desktops are fully customizable, so you can set different wallpapers for each of them and personalize each in different ways. This feature is great for people who use their computers and laptops for work, studies, and personal activities. The virtual desktops can be used to arrange different activities and stay organized, and not let personal activities distract you from work while working on a cluttered desktop. 

The EndNote

So, all these new features made you excited about the new Windows upgrade? The rollout of Windows 11 will begin from newer and more advanced devices. So make sure you have decided what new laptop, PC, or tablet you are going to invest in! 

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