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If you confuse about drop shipping business that should you start it as a full time job or a part-time job then this article is absolutely for you. In this article I will try to clear your confusion. In the previous part of drop shipping blog series, I explained about history, pros and cons about drop shipping business.

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Drop shipping Business success depends upon your skills, and time management should be one of your skills. It doesn’t matter how much you give your time, it’s matter how much you got done in your time. Because if you give your time only, instead of getting done within your given time then when you measure how much you got done believe me, you will found nothing at the end. So you will have to measure your potential. Some dropshipper makes thousands of dollar by working 2-3 hours in a day, in other side some dropshipper can’t makes even hundred dollar by working 16 hours daily. It’s true at the beginning you have to work more in order to build your audiences.

ok, come to the point now, remember, Never Quit your current job before being stable in drop shipping business. I saw many of my students quit their job before being stable in their business and faced horrible situations. Being stable means understanding the drop shipping business model completely and starting earning already. When someone is learning about drop shipping business, they are super excited. They think that everything as easy as their mentors taught them but it’s not true. 99% mentors are fake, in the sense they are spreading drop shipping business as a viral disease.

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If you have enough money to effort your business and you have no job to do, most of your time you are just wasting then doing full time drop shipping business is good fit for you. But if you are a responsible person and you have a family and have a full time job then never ever quit your job for drop shipping business. This business is all about finding winning products and selling to a particular audience so be careful. Your winning products may not similar with any other person’s winning products, therefore never rely on others. Research as much as you can for your winning products before investing for marketing/advertising.

In the last, I would like to give you some tips. Actually, most of the cases people are losing their patience when they are not making sales. Be patient and consistent. If you are absolutely new then manage at least 4-5 hours in a day for one month and spend your time in different groups or community where people are doing same kinds of work. Build relations and educate yourself first. When you understand the fundamental of drop shipping business then start from free platform like woocommerce. Do not jump directly into the shopify or paid platforms.

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