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When you search about dropshipping Tips for business on the internet you probably find a lot of videos, articles, blog post advising how to succeed on drop shipping business. All the stuff on the internet related to drop shipping business will be covered by this dropshipping blog series.

In this part of the blog series, I will try to sum up what exactly drop shipping business is and how people spread this like a viral disease. Part-02 |Part-03 |Part-04 |Part-05 

Well, I want to ask you a question that, are you inspired by the achievements of the people who are beating their own drums? If yes then good but if not then very good!

When I started drop shipping business I was really passionate about this business and I was always looking for a good mentor. There is a huge crowd of mentors who were advertising their drop shipping business course and was telling to the people that they are making millions of dollar in a year even in a month, and I think still that kinds of mentors are available on the internet even more than few years ago.    

To tell the truth they are not making that amount of money, they are just trying to make money by you! Think about a common thing if really they are making the hell amount of money then why they are selling their drop shipping business course to you only for $37 or less.  

Well according to my research based on internet, I found less than 1% of dropshippers are really making good money. When you watch youtube or facebook videos, you see thousand of so called mentors advertising and announcing to the people that they are  making money but the other side when you visit different forum or QA website or any discussion community then you will see millions of people are frustrated and the reason they are not making sell and loosing their money. I do not and never mean that you can’t make money with dropshipping, obviously you can but not as easy way as the mentors teach us.

I do not promote or demote any mentors but definitely I try to present their reality to you. Let suppose you are also trying to build a dropshipping business like the mentors and already invested a lot. After a few weeks or months you realize that you have lost a huge amount of money. Then what will you do? You will have two options, either you will quit or will try to recover your money that you have already lost.                                                         

If you are a regular YouTube user then you might notice that whenever you search on YouTube related to dropshipping business keyword and play any dropshipping videos, there is always a new face pop ups daily as an ad during watching the videos.

In those advertisements they represents themselves with full of excitements and sales proof screenshot. If you are thinking to make that kinds of trap in future to get back your lost money then I can help you to manage the screenshot! Hahaha…! I’m just joking. But it’s true to make people fool is now becoming a child play. Keep always in mind whenever you purchase any course or webinar just contact your mentor before purchasing their materials. When he/she contact back to you simply ask them their successful store link because fraud mentors always give you the back-end proof but not the front end.

When you get the store link just verify the store data that belongs to your mentors and then verify the traffic and compared with their back-end sales.

Well this was the fact that is virally spreading on the internet day by day. Hope you are still safe and not affected from this kinds of fraud. In the next part we will discuss the history of drop shipping business and it’s pros and cons.   

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